How to Become a Hip Hop Artist - An in-depth interview with Cliff Po

The entertainment industry comes in many forms, it can be in the form of comedy, in the form of acting, or even in the form of music. Music is always evolving, and always changing. One of the biggest genres of music that changes every year is Hip Hop. Recently, I spoke with Cliff Po, an aspiring artist from New York City and he described to his experiences in the music industry. Beyond the interview, he expressed his compassion to his goal, and his determination to continue as an artist regardless of the obstacles that come his way. Something, that anyone can relate to regardless of what industry they are in. Below is an excerpt from the recent interview with the artist Cliff Po. What ignited the spark in you to start becoming an artist? How did the idea for your business come about? I been into music since I was a baby. But the business side, around high school I seen that no one will help you fulfill your dreams so I studied the game if I cant get signed I'll make my own label. Wow. That really shows, that no one will really give you a break in the music industry. But, in music what’s popular is always changing how do you find yourself marketing to individuals? What do you find to be the hardest part? The styles right now we’re at the hipster stage of rap but I see it going back to lyrics but if you can change with the times and be versatile you will be good.  You always hear artists complaining that the game or the business is not the same anymore, and many artists, fall to the way side. What motivates you to continue on your career? Success. Simply put! But, what is the best way to achieve long-term success and what do you believe are some of the biggest mistakes as a business man in the music industry? Hard work it always pays off I’m living proof. Trusting people with my career. What is your most satisfying moment as an artist and as a businessman? Being able to go somewhere when they ask for my manager and I tell them I manage myself they become baffled I did this all myself. Do you believe as an artist do you have to stick with the same marketing plan or do you feel it changes with time? For example, you often hear “Gangsta” rap artists changing their platform to something more “pop” related is that an effective way to gain more fans and increase revenue or do you believe that money is 2nd and your voice should be first? Those artist are either forced to change or just played a role from the beginning I will never change. Overall, it was a great experience speaking with him, and the hustle of making it in any industry really depends upon how you work, and the connections that you make along the way, regardless of the situation of the industry.
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