TLC Cancels 'Gypsy Sisters' After Cast Member Allegedly Killed a Puppy

TLC's 'Gypsy Sisters' is canceled after a cast member's husband allegedly killed a puppy.

TLC (formerly known as The Learning Channel), has canceled 'Gypsy Sisters' after four seasons following allegations that one of the sisters' husbands killed her puppy in a domestic dispute. Earlier this month, gypsy sister Mellie Stanley was allegedly fighting with her husband, Skott Vuncannon, at their home in West Virginia. Stanley told police they had been arguing over the rent when Vuncannon picked up her pupy and "slung her across the kitchen as hard as he could." Cops found the dead puppy inside the house and charged Vuncannon with felony animal cruelty. Mellie and Scott's Facebook pages include conflicting stories about the couple's fight, including allegations that Mellie is the abusive one in the relationship and that Skott is a drug addict that needs professional help. “Yes Skott got angry and was going off for no damn reason because I asked him to help me pay bills and he needed to step up and be responsible and he threw my dog cause it went to bark at him and tried to bite his leg no one taking up for Skott he’s in trouble for what he done and has been charged with animal cruelty that was my innocent puppy that could have been one of my babies he’s never allowed back around me again I got a fpo and its staying that way,” Mellie reportedly wrote in one Facebook post, later deleted. Image Credit: TMZ reports that the show was canceled due to poor ratings and because "TLC simply felt it was time to move on." They heard that the cancelation has "nothing to do with the dog killing incident." But, this is the second incident for the network in less than six months.

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