Georgia-Filmed 'The Mule' Starring Clint Eastwood Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

Watch the movie trailer for Clint Eastwood's Georgia-filmed movie The Mule

Clint Eastwood is back in front of the camera for his upcoming self-directed feature film The Mule, which sees the 88-year-old as a drug runner for the Mexican cartel. In the movie trailer above, we see how his age plays a key advantage for his illegal drug smuggling and how good he is at this job.

We also get a chance to see how his drug smuggling career is affecting his relationship with his wife and daughter. It appears he is doing it for the money to help his family, but once he realizes that it is hurting his family and the dangers of his profession, he makes a stand to make his next job his last. Meanwhile, DEA agent Colin Banks, played by Bradley Cooper, is on the case to take him down. The story is based on a World War II veteran named Leo Sharp.

The Georgia-filmed Clint Eastwood movie hits theaters on December 14th.

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