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‘Game of Thrones’ Duo Draw Inspiration from ’80s Miniseries for Netflix’s ‘3 Body Problem


Key Takeaways:
– D.B. Weiss and David Benioff drew inspiration from a range of sources for ‘.'
– The late '80s miniseries ‘V' was a significant influence on the show's development.
– Critical acclaim for ‘3 Body Problem' could serve to rehabilitate Weiss and Benioff's reputation after ‘Game of Thrones' .
– The duo continue to explore potential projects under their contract with .

Renowned TV creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, known for ‘Game of Thrones', have success with their latest Netflix offering, ‘3 Body Problem.' Diving into their creative process in a recent (source: FandomWire), the pair revealed a somewhat surprising influence on their new show – the 1980s miniseries ‘V'.

Inspired by a Classic

‘3 Body Problem' breathes new into the sci-fi genre, steering clear of cliché invasion tropes. But it was ‘V', a classic miniseries from the 80s, that spurred the creative direction behind this hit. Weiss and Benioff distinctly remembered watching ‘V' in their childhood and consuming its novelization, which heavily impacted ‘3 Body Problem's' .

In a conversation with Josh Horowitz, Benioff reminisced about the memorable moment in ‘V.' He stated, “We were talking earlier today about, you know, you don't necessarily see the alien in our show, but there is that great moment in V, where I think, her skin gets torn, if I remember it correctly? You see the lizard skin beneath?” To this, Weiss humorously added, “We make jokes about Jess tears her skin, a character in the show, and there is like lizard skin underneath.”

A Pioneering Influence on the Alien Invasion Genre

Even though ‘V' enjoyed a brief runway, its unique take on the genre made a lasting impact, spurring a franchise that endured into the 21st century. The collaboration between humans and aliens, portrayed in the , served as a unique plot device that Weiss and Benioff found particularly intriguing.

Overcoming the ‘Game of Thrones' Debacle

The creators' recent success with ‘3 Body Problem' comes as a respite, particularly after the sharp criticism following the final season of ‘Game of Thrones.' Positive audience responses and commendation from industry peers, including Hideo Kojima, hint at the duo's professional recovery.

The Future with Netflix

Amidst the void left by the controversial ‘Game of Thrones' ending, Weiss and Benioff signed a multi-year deal with Netflix. Given their latest accomplishment, it would seem this partnership may bode well for both parties. However, it might take yet another successful streaming or theater release to reinforce faith in their storytelling abilities.

For now, can look forward to diving into the duo's latest offering, ‘3 Body Problem,' available for streaming on Netflix.

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