FX's 'Tyrant' Production Leaves Israel Due to Gaza Violence

FX's 'Tyrant' moves production from Israel to Turkey due to Gaza violence.

We recently reported how the ongoing fight between Israel and Gaza has caused problems for FX's new TV show 'Tyrant' but it looks like the air raids, and rocket launchers has caused the show to move from Israel to Turkey. According to Deadline, there are two more episodes left to film on the new FX TV series, Tyrant. But, violence reached a tipping point yesterday and the FX drama was moved from Israel to Turkey. Reports say that the move is temporary and the plan is to move back to Jerusalem where Tyrant has built large and expensive sets. Currently, the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza has killed 186 Palestinians with at least 1,390 wounded, according to Palestinian health authorities. The death toll has surpassed the previous war in 2012. There is a cease-fire proposal on the table which the Israeli government is willing to consider while the Hamas consider it as a "joke".
Egypt's three-step plan would have the cease-fire to go into effect within 12 hours of "unconditional acceptance" by the two sides. A copy of the proposal obtained by The Associated Press says Gaza's border crossings should be opened for people and goods "once the security situation becomes stable." That would be followed by talks in Cairo between the sides within two days. [via>
With constant violence, Israel's film industry is coming to a screeching halt. To get an idea of what it is like along the Gaza Strip, watch the video below [Warning: Graphic] FX should want this show to succeed. The first episode had nearly record setting ratings with 3.46 million viewers and 1.32 million adults under 50. Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.