Fourth Austin Powers May Be Coming Soon [VIDEO]

A fourth Austin Powers movie may be in the works.

The franchise's director Jay Roach revealed the possibility of yet another Powers installment in a recent interview with Larry King. In the interview, Roach discussed his interested in making another Austin Powers movie and why it hasn't happened just yet. Related: Verne Troyer, Mini Me of ‘Austin Powers’ Suffers Major Fall in Miami Night Club "You know, [Mike Myers and I> talk about it every time we get together," he told King. Reports for a fourth film surfaced in 2011, but Roach admits nothing has been solidified. "I would say it's in a latent phase right now but someday if we find the right idea that seems to have it earn itself, for sure.” King asked if they had any new ideas for the movie, Roach said, "It's been many years of kicking around, we’ve had so many, but there hasn't been one that's stuck yet." A fourth Austin Powers movie could help reboot Mike Myers acting career. If it does happen, it would be interesting to see a modern take on the series. The successful trilogy had several popular actors including Will Ferrell, Beyoncé, Seth Green, Heather Graham, and Rob Lowe, many of whom have larger careers after the Austin Powers series. Catch the full interview below: Related: Blame Austin Powers for Changes in James Bond Movies