Nine Year-Old Boy Makes $1M a YEAR on YouTube

Meet the nine-year-old boy who makes over $1M a year reviewing toys on YouTube.

Evan makes an estimated $1.3 million a year through his YouTube channel EvanTubeHD, where he posts up to three toy reviews a week. His father Jared, who owns a video production company, films and edits the clips and posts them online for his son. The video, starting in 2011, make their revenue through ads. From Daily Mail:

Up until a few years ago, Evan was just a regular kid who liked to make videos playing with his favorite Angry Birds toys.

But the nine-year-old has been able to parlay his hobby into a booming online business, EvanTubeHD, turning himself into an internet entrepreneur who banks over $1 million a year.

The YouTube channel posts about three videos a week of Evan reviewing new toys and has amassed almost 1.4 million followers and up to 1.2 billion page views.

If you are looking for another way to get famous and make money, pick up a camera and head over to YouTube.