Entertainment NewsEthan Hawke on Directing Daughter Maya and His Moviemaking Learning Curve

Ethan Hawke on Directing Daughter Maya and His Moviemaking Learning Curve


Key Takeaways:
• Ethan Hawke directs his daughter, Maya Hawke, in a biographical film on Southern Gothic writer Flannery O'Connor, titled ‘Wildcat.'
• Hawke shares his insights on the importance of humility, hard work, and collaboration in movie making.
• He notes the significance of understanding the cinematic past and appreciates the intersection of human creativity and faith.

Celebrated actor Ethan Hawke has on the director's hat for the fifth time in ‘Wildcat,' a biographical drama focusing on the life of Flannery O'Connor. He admits to finding his daughter Maya's transformation into a formidable artist over the years intriguing. The movie was her idea, driven by her passion for playing the character of O'Connor, which enthused Hawke as an actor and director.

Ethan Hawke: A Glimpse into His Screen Life

Ethan Hawke's impressive career boasts unforgettable roles and four Academy Award nominations. Known for his nuanced portrayals in like ‘Dead Poets Society' and ‘Leave The World Behind', he has also earned accolades for his screenplays for ‘Before Sunset' and ‘Before Midnight.' He has consistently explored the lives of creatives in his directorial ventures. ‘Wildcat,' centered on the narrative of Flannery O'Connor, is his latest contribution to that exploration.

Learning from Experience

In revisiting his journey, Ethan Hawke has shared some valuable insights for budding directors to break free from the talent myth or the Orson Welles complex. Echoing his personal experiences, he underscores the significance of gaining confidence through experience. He stresses how humility is intrinsic to the process and how the best directors are often humble and focused on lifelong learning.

Hawke's Perspective on the Art of Making

Hawke mentions that the process of filmmaking is layered and extends well beyond the shooting days. It incorporates various stages from writing to casting and scouting. It also leaves room for making and fixing mistakes, a reality that aspiring filmmakers must embrace.

The seasoned actor also urges directors to foster a collective imagination during the rehearsal process and shares the misconception of the magic spark. Drawing from his experience in the ‘Before' trilogy, he explains how preparation and rehearsals can amplify the illusion of improvisation.

Understanding Collaborators

Hawke believes in the importance of directors understanding their actors and the ‘clay of their life.' This mutual understanding gives a solid foundation for collaboration, so the visionary direction extends through to the actors, making them an invaluable part of the creative process.

A Legacy of Learning

Having spent decades on film sets, Hawke has had the privilege of observing numerous sets, directors with diverse working styles, and productions of varying quality. He emphasizes that every director's journey is about identifying their strengths, acknowledging their weak spots, and finding what they have to offer.

The Importance of Cinema Knowledge

The veteran filmmaker raises an important concern about young filmmakers not investing time in watching great cinema. He upholds that understanding the cinematic past is the way forward in producing compelling art in the present.

Also, Ethan Hawke mentions that he finds the process of making a movie like ‘Wildcat,' where the work sustains his personal growth, very rewarding. ‘Wildcat,' a production of Oscilloscope Laboratories, is set to hit theaters on May 3.

The original version of this article appears in the Spring 2024 print edition of MovieMaker Magazine.

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