'Entourage' Movie in the Works? Yup, Filming Starts in January

Kevin Connolly says that the movie is still happening and filming will start in January despite reports of money issues!

Last week, a TMZ journalist caught up with Transformers 4 star and former rapper Mark Wahlberg to ask him the question that was on everyone’s minds two years ago – “What’s up with the Entourage movie?” Mark Wahlberg, was the show’s executive producer because it was basically the story of his life, how he rose to fame with very limited acting training and carried his  friends on his shoulders for years, I presume. His answer was a little surprising, as he inferred that the show’s stars were being greedy, and would like more money before the movie goes into production. TMZ caught up with Kevin Connolly yesterday, and he said that not only is the movie still happening, but filming begins in January.