'Empire' Fans Sent Death Threats After Jussie Smollet's Twitter Joke

Empire star reveals his Twitter prank sparked death threats.

Related: Fox’s ‘Empire’ Season 2 Ratings Drip-DROP! Jussie Smollett thought it would be funny to joke on Twitter that he was leaving the hit TV series Empire. His "prank" went viral with many people claiming the singer was quitting because he wasn't getting paid as much as his co-stars. But, some Empire fans took it a little too seriously, as fans sent the show's co-creator Lee Daniels death threats. Jussie Smollett Helga Esteb / The 32-year-old star of the FOX show revealed in an interview on Friday that he thought people would understand his joke. “I was thinking my little core group of amazing fans would be like, ‘What?'” Smollett said at the event in Los Angeles, according to Billboard. “But it just went so much further. There were calls about it, and [Series creator] Lee (Daniels) was getting death threats about it.” But, Smollett revealed that he's returning for another season of Empire.    If you're interested in joining the cast and crew of Empire, filming for the new series should start in the next few weeks. Check out the latest casting calls here. Related: Selena Gomez is Creating a “Latina Empire” TV Series Via Billboard What do you think? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.