Here's Why 'Empire' Midseason Finale Cut Da Brat's Rap Scene

During Fox's Empire episode on Wednesday, Lee Daniels' revealed a new character, played by Da Brat.

Empire guest star and platinum selling recording artist was featured alongside Taraji P. Henson. But, despite having several lines and a concert scene, Fox's creators decided to cut out several of the rapper's scenes. Da Brat Empire According to an interview with Da Brat, Fox's Empire cut out Da Brat's performance from the episode.
“In my performance scene, which I believe is going to be cut out, the cameras–we did it so many times, because the director, Sanaa Hamri, she wanted to get all kinds of angles and shots,” she said. “So the cameraman was like literally in my face so much that I think I hit my teeth on the lens.”
Despite getting cut and having her scenes ending up on the cutting room floor, Da Brat explained how she was cast for a role on Empire. 
“[Daniels> probably hit me back this October,” she said with a laugh. “And he was like, ‘Where are you, girl?’ And he had called my phone by then and he was like, ‘Brat, this is Lee Daniels. We’re trying to find you!'”
Da Brat also revealed what it was like working with Taraji P. Henson saying, "She is an amazing actress. She just made it so comfortable. She put me in the perfect mood and setting. Because when I rehearsed my lines, I probably put too much on it at first. When I got in there with her, I calmed it down and it was like having a conversation.” You can watch her performance below: What do you think of Da Brat's performance? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!

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