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Drake is Getting Sued for Libel After Backing Out of ‘Drake’s Homecoming: The Lost Footage’ Documentary


Drake is getting sued for libel after tweeting that he is not associated and does not support the ‘Drake’s Homecoming’ documentary.

Drake is getting sued for damaging a filmmaker’s reputation after making a series of tweets surrounding the documentary “Drake’s Homecoming: The Lost Footage,” which includes footage from a 2009 concert in Toronto.

According to Variety, Drake tweeted “the Drake Homecoming film is not something OVO or Drake have any part in. I feel it is my responsibility to inform and protect my fans.”

The documentary’s distributor, SpectiCast is now suing Drake for these tweets, claiming that Drake wanted the documentary and he later reneged after watching the production.

The doc’s distributor, SpectiCast, is now suing Drake for these statements, claiming that the project originally had Drake’s blessing and that he has now reneged. The suit, obtained by Entertainment Weekly, states that the rapper “initiated a campaign to destroy the film’s commercial value, issuing several false statements via Twitter and other social media outlets that he has no affiliation with the film, giving rise to the libelous and false impression that the film’s recording of his 2009 Toronto concert is somehow ‘unauthorized.’”

SpectiCast’s legal team also contends that Drake “approved the trailer for the film in December 2014 in anticipation of the film’s release.”

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com
s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

But, how bad can Drake’s documentary be that the star of the documentary denies all ties to the production? Well, according to reviews, it is pretty bad.

 So I get why Drake didn’t want us to see Homecoming: The Lost Footage, an unofficial concert documentary featuring interviews with Rap-A-Lot Records executives, that screens this evening for one night only. The footage was filmed consensually, yes—at a 2009 concert at Toronto’s Sound Academy, billed as Drake’s first major solo hometown show. But despite the tangible excitement you can see as Drake raps to a hangar full of people who came out just for him, Homecoming is bad: poorly filmed, poorly edited, shoddily mixed and lacking any real insight. After years of fighting ridicule, at home and abroad, about everything from his upbringing to his feelings, Drake’s been confidently ahead of the message—and Homecoming represents a slip. [Jezebel]

Drake agreed to 15% royalties on the production but, this documentary looks like a high school production and not something a multi-million dollar franchise artist would produce or even co-sign on.

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