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Drake and Bobbi Althoff’s Infamous Interview Explained


Key Takeaways:
– Influencer Bobbi Althoff invited Canadian rapper Drake to The Really Good Podcast, triggering a frenzy among fans.
– The viral interview, which was later removed, aroused suspicion, especially after both unfollowed each other on Instagram.
– Despite the controversies, Althoff acknowledged the significant impact Drake and comedian Funny Marco had on her career.

The Unexpected Duo: Drake and Althoff

Hollywood has always been a hub of unexpected friendships and unlikely pairings. The latest sensation to join this trend revolves around record-breaking rapper Drake and social influencer Bobbi Althoff. Their collaboration on Althoff’s podcast, The Really Good Podcast, in the summer of 2023, sent a shockwave through the entertainment industry.

An Interview that Left a Mark

The Ontario-born rapper graced Althoff’s podcast for an interview that soon went viral. To the world’s astonishment, the interview was later taken down from YouTube, arousing intrigue around the nature of Althoff and Drake’s relationship.

Interpreting the Intrigue

Fans found themselves in a storm as news of the interview spread. Althoff’s success in getting five-time Grammy Award winner Drake to guest on her podcast was an undeniable accomplishment. The interview, recorded on Drake’s bed while he sipped a cocktail, featured discussions on a range of topics, from fellow rappers to Drake’s future marital plans.

Deleted after garnering massive attention, not without accusations of flirtation from sharp-eyed observers, the episode continued to remain a hot topic. Adding to the curiosity, both Drake and Althoff unfollowed each other on Instagram, leading to speculation around an undisclosed feud.

Althoff Clears the Air

Amid the rumors, Althoff broke her silence during an interview with Keke Palmer on her podcast, This Is Keke Palmer. The 26-year-old influencer denied any rift with Drake but did not provide an explanation as to why they unfollowed each other on Instagram. Notwithstanding their social media distance, Althoff acknowledges that Drake and comedian Funny Marco played pivotal roles in her career trajectory.

Behind the Scenes of the Viral Interview

In a candid revelation to Cosmopolitan, Althoff shared that noticing Drake’s interest in her social media content encouraged her to invite him on The Really Good Podcast. The interview, despite its subsequent removal, amassed over 10 million views, earning Althoff high acclaim for her unique humor, revealed People magazine.

Despite her achievements, Althoff ambitiously eyes the next target: rapper Post Malone. Expressing her admiration in an interview with Cosmopolitan, she enthusiastically shared her hopes of having Malone on her podcast.

Future Anticipations

Drake’s sudden guest appearance on Althoff’s podcast has undoubtedly led to a wave of speculation. While the interview did not immediately lead to further collaboration, it fueled curiosity and set the stage for anticipation about their future endeavors. Fans are now left in suspense, eagerly awaiting what’s next in store for these two personalities.

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