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Doug Liman Upset Over “Road House” Online Release: Accuses Amazon of “Giving Audiences the Shaft”


Key Takeaways:

is now available on Prime Video
– Director Doug Liman preferred a theatrical release and accused Amazon of disregarding the 's interests
– A video by YouTuber Casey Neistat shared Liman's struggle to have the movie screened in theaters
– Doug Liman attended the movie's premiere in Texas, despite prior plans of boycotting the event

Addressing a major setback recently encountered by famed director Doug Liman, Amazon's decision to stream Road House on Prime Video instead of premiering in theaters has stirred some controversy. Liman made his concerns public and voiced his disappointment about his film not reaching theaters on the content sharing platform, Youtube.

A YouTube Chronicle of Discontent

Acclaimed YouTuber, Casey Neistat, documented Liman's unfiltered story, detailing the director's journey, including the premiere of Road House at a packed . The video offers revealing insights into Liman's frustrations and the dichotomy of his relationship with Amazon.

Liman had initially planned to boycott the premiere but attended it instead, citing it as the only instance where the audience could buy and experience the film in a theater. He acknowledged this as a loss against Amazon, despite his tireless efforts to ensure a theatre release for the film.

Liman had envisioned his film resonating with audiences in cinemas, a plan reflected in the mix settings chosen for the audio. Compared to films designed for home-viewing, Road House had its audio mixed in a significantly larger space to provide a cinematic experience. However, Amazon's decision deviated the movie's release from what Liman had intended, conveying, instead, on a much smaller screen.

The Grand Vision versus Reality

During the video, Liman recalled an anecdote involving Jeff Bezos himself. Amazon's mogul arrived at a shop where Liman was present, on horseback, a clear display of power disparity that wasn't on the director.

He emphasized his experience in film-making, where creative freedom isn't often hindered by budget constraints or other deterrents. Liman shared how his earlier works like “Swingers” and “The Identity” had no such restrictions, enabling him to experiment and innovate freely.

Adventure through Road House Streets

Neistat with Liman bicycled through New York's streets, witnessing massive billboards promoting Road House. During their journey, Liman sprinkled details about the film, its cast, and vibe. Shot in parts with IMAX cameras and starring stars like and , the film is touted to be akin to a party filled with music and bar fights.

He also mentioned Amazon's plans to scale up its movie investment for theaters to $1 billion annually. Despite this, Amazon intended to showcase Road House on its streaming platform. The director pointed out how this has been a recurring issue, with several filmmakers promised theatrical releases, only to have their films juxtaposed on a streaming service.

“Cult Classic Reimagined”

Road House revisits the popular 80s cult classic, introducing the chaos of the Florida Keys roadhouse to a new generation. It stars top actors like Daniela Melchior, Billy Magnussen, Jessica Williams, and Joaquim De Almeida. Fans would certainly miss the delightful opportunity to watch it at the theaters, resonating and aligning with Liman's disillusionment.

Have you seen Road House on Prime Video yet? How do you feel about Doug Liman's displeasure over its online release? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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