Johnny Depp: Donald Trump is a "BRAT"

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp calls Donald Trump is a "Brat"

Johnny Depp spoke to students at Arizona State University on Saturday and called the GOP frontrunner a "brat". Depp was at ASU speaking with theoretical physicist and Arizona State's Origins Project founder Lawrence Krauss about "humanity in madness" before the discussion quickly changed to Donald Trump."There's something created about him in the sense of bullydom, but what he is, I believe, is a brat," said Depp about the Republican frontrunner. "Also the absurdity of where his sentences might travel. … Reagan back in the day, 'Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall!' Donald Trump, 'I'm going to build a wall. And all of my billions are not going to have to pay for it. Because you know why? Mexico is going to pay for it.'" Johnny Depp previously played Donald Trump in a Funny or Die biopic based on Trump's best selling novel Art of the Deal.  You can watch the video below:

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