'Dolittle' Starring Robert Downey Jr. Movie Trailer is Here (VIDEO)

Maybe due to Eddie Murphy’s fantastic performance in the comedic ‘Dr. Doolittle’ movie, Universal has decided for a new pace and tone of a doctor in the upcoming feature film ‘Dolittle.’ Robert Downey Jr. plays the famous British veterinarian for the new movie. The movie changes from the comedy of the 1998 film for a fantasy theme, which is more closely following the original book series ’Doctor Dolittle.’

According to Universal, the new movie follows Dr. Dolittle seven years after the death of his wife. Despite not wanting to leave the safety of his Dolittle Manor, he goes on an adventure to find a cure to heal the young queen after she gets mysteriously ill. Dolittle is joined by a group of his animal friends, including a nervous gorilla (Rami Malek), the optimistic polar bear (John Cena), chirpy giraffe (Selena Gomez), glasses-wearing otter (Tom Holland) and chatty parrot (Emma Thompson).

The director of ‘Traffic,’ Stephen Gaghan, directs the movie, which also includes Antonio Banderas, Ralph Fiennes, Marion Cotillard, Octavia Spencer, and many more. 

Check out the trailer above. ‘Dolittle’ hits theaters in January 2020.

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