Disney 'Splash' Remake Coming Soon with Channing Tatum

Splash remake starring Channing Tatum and Jillian Bell is coming soon.

A new version of the 1984 hit movie Splash is being developed over at Disney, according to reports. It's being developed with Jillian Bell and Channing Tatum. The original Splash revolved around a young man, played by Tom Hanks, who falls in love with a mermaid who saved him from drowning as a boy. He falls in love with her not knowing it was she who saved him several years ago. The remake will flip the script and Channing Tatum will play a mer-man. The idea was created by Jillian Bell herself, according to reports. She just finished filming Office Christmas Party in Atlanta, Georgia with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. Channing Tatum is currently in Atlanta filming his new movie Logan Lucky.  Stay tuned for entertainment news, job opportunities and casting calls for the new Splash movie. We will make sure to keep you guys updated. For more Disney news and auditions, click here. Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.