Disney Teen Actor Says His Family Spent All of His Money

A Disney actor is currently suing his dad for being a bad parent.

Lab Rats star Bill Unger says his dad/manager stole $400,00 in cash and spent it all on a girl and mysterious life insurance policy.

Billy claims that he entered an oral contract around Oct. 15, 2013, where his father agreed to serve as not only his talent manager, but also his business and financial advisor.

In the lawsuit filings, the actor states that his father "utterly and completely lacks at all times lacked the skill, knowledge, experience to act either as an entertainment talent manager and or business manager."

Billy specifically claims that over $6,000 was spent on his father's girlfriend's rent and that William used $1,290 of his money to pay a full year premium for a $1 million dollar life insurance policy on Billy's life with only himself listed as the beneficiary.

According to Billy, William intentionally took commissions of over 33 percent, more than double what the industry standard reportedly is. [via>

According to TMZ, the father says the lawsuit is due to a "manipulative negative force in [Billy's] life whose sole focus is to administer pain".

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This isn't something new, when Home Alone was a box-office success, Macaulay Culkin legally made his family "disappear".

The Home Alone star actually made his family disappear. In the early '90s, rumors began surfacing that Macaulay's manager-father, Kit Culkin, had been stealing money from his child star-son so, after a bitter custody battle, the court sided with his mother and Macaulay subsequently fired his father. [Daily Beast]

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