Entertainment NewsDirector Carla Gutiérrez's "Frida" Kahlo Documentary Debut on Prime Video

Director Carla Gutiérrez’s “Frida” Kahlo Documentary Debut on Prime Video


Key Takeaways:

– The documentary, titled “Frida,” provides a unique biographical sketch of the renowned Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.
– Utilizing personal diaries, letters, and essays, the film promises a narrative delivered in Kahlo's unique voice.
– The film premiered at Sundance in January and will make its debut on Prime Video on 15.

Carla Gutiérrez's “Frida” Allows Kahlo to Speak for Herself

Coming soon to Prime Video is an intimate storyboard tribute to Frida Kahlo. The captivating documentary by Carla Gutiérrez is powerfully narrated by Fernanda Echevarría del Rivero, based on Kahlo's personal correspondence, journals, and essays.

The award-winning film director offers an in-depth insight into Kahlo's personal through an alluring mix of archival footage, vibrant photographs, and animated paintings. The result is an attractive homage to one of the 20th century's most adored artists.

Gutiérrez's Directorial Debut at Sundance

Frida's debut at the Sundance marked the beginning of a promising feature directorial career for Gutiérrez. Known for her work as an on the Ruth Bader Ginsberg documentary, RGB, and Netflix's Pray Away, the director-editor presents a novel glimpse into Kahlo's real-life personality and wickedly humorous side.

Gutiérrez admits to being surprised by Frida's sharp wit, explaining how she sought to empower Frida to express herself through her work. Narration focuses on Kahlo as a boundary-pushing child with a fiercely assertive voice and a passionately intense worldview, inspired by her relationship with her father.

Incorporation of First-person accounts and Animation

The documentary also features the personal accounts of people close to Kahlo, including her husband and fellow artist, Diego Rivera. Gutiérrez relied exclusively on historical footage and Kahlo's art to sense the true emotional pulse of these personal recollections. For the animation segments, the director endeavored to invite into a cinematic space infused with original Frida artwork elements.

The Entirely Latinx Crew Behind the Film

In a tribute to Kahlo's roots, Gutiérrez ensured the crew for Frida was entirely Latinx. Key Mexican collaborators included composer Víctor Hernández Stumpfhauser, the animation team led by Renata Galindo and Sofía Cázares, and lead archival Adrián Gutiérrez. Sound mix and color services were performed in by Schaeffer Post Creative and Splendor Omnia Studios.

Produced under the banner of Imagine and TIME Studios, in association with Storyville Films, the project was steered by an array of including Katia Maguire, Sara Bernstein, Justin Wilkes, Loren Hammonds, and Alexandra Johnes. Julie Cohen, Betsy West, Lynne Benioff, Alexa Conway, Meredith Kaulfers, Brian Grazer, and Ron Howard round-up the executive producers for the project.


The passionately told story of one of the most iconic artists of the 20th century comes to Prime Video on March 15. An absolute treat for Frida lovers, the documentary promises a uniquely personal exploration of her life, artistry, and impact on Mexican art and .

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