Entertainment NewsDanny McBride Criticizes Dining in Theaters, Proposes Cannabis Use Instead

Danny McBride Criticizes Dining in Theaters, Proposes Cannabis Use Instead


Key Takeaways:

expresses disdain for combo of movies, food, and drinks in theaters.
– McBride suggests cannabis use in cinemas could enhance the movie-watching experience.
– A theater with a built-in dispensary was once considered by McBride and his co-conspirators, David Gordon Green, and .

Actor Danny McBride blatantly critiques the present-day trend of indulging in elaborate dining and drinking at cinemas. In an interaction with GQ magazine, he berated the concept of boutique theaters functioning as restaurants and bars. Instead, this personality floated an eccentric idea of consuming cannabis while watching movies.

McBride's Contempt for Food and Beverages in Cinemas

The current transformation in cinema doesn't tickle McBride's fancy. During , he vented, “I hate it, I can't stand it,” referring to the dining and drinking experience at modern . He claimed that consuming alcohol during a film doesn't make sense, as it compels viewers to leave their seats for restroom breaks, thereby disrupting the immersive movie-watching experience.

The Improbable Meld of Cannabis and Cinema

On the contrary, McBride endorsed the idea of patrons smoking marijuana during movie sessions. This alternative, according to him, could be a victorious venture in terms of enriching the cinematic experience. He stated, “Movies and weed go together perfectly,” adding to his unconventional perspective.

Revolutionizing Theatres with Green Screens

McBride, accompanied by David Gordon Green and Jody Hill, once toyed with the concept of introducing a theater integrated with a marijuana dispensary, termed ‘Green Screen'. He fantasized, “If I went to a theater, and it was like, ‘Here's your popcorn, and here's weed,' I feel like that would be an awesome combo right there.” However, their aspiration has hit a hiatus due to their busy schedules.

Integrating cannabis into theater culture may trigger a ripple effect of legal and health issues. Lawyers might aggressively pursue theater franchises for damage caused by smoking-induced health concerns. For this reason, every patron might have to sign a disclaimer, freeing the establishment from any culpability linked to health problems caused by frequenting the venue. This aside, the idea of savoring distinct cannabis strains along with the traditional popcorn and soda combo, spelling a potent viewing experience, intrigues the actor.

The heated debate on the appropriateness of ordering food and drinks in theaters continues. Some find it incredibly distracting, while others seem unperturbed. Should Danny McBride and his companions bring the Green Screen theater vision to ? The prospect remains as enticing as it is controversial. As the narrative around cannabis consumption evolves, so too may the boundaries of the movie-going experience. Feel free to share your ideas and opinions in the comments section.

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