Daniel Radcliffe: Camera Phones Caused My Drinking Problem

Daniel Radcliffe just revealed how camera phones played a major role in his drinking problem.

“Any time I’d go out to dance, camera phones would come out,” the “Harry Potter” actor said in the November issue of Playboy. “That would make me very self-conscious, and what’s the easiest way to escape being self-conscious? Alcohol is a quick way of doing that. So it was related in that way.” He continued, “A few years ago there was a TV ad that showed a lot of inventors, including a guy who invented the camera phone. He was smiling smugly into the camera, and I was just like, ‘F–k you. What have you wrought?’ Camera phones are definitely not my favorite.” The 26-year-old actor opened up about his past issues with alcoholism, saying in a previous interview that he was “really annoying, loud, inappropriate, messy drunk.” Daniel Radcliffe-1 Helga Esteb / “It becomes painful to watch your personal issues that you’ve tried to be sincere about get turned into fodder for TV gossip shows,” Radcliffe said. “I was forthright about it … but once you start talking about this, that’s all you talk about. I can say lots of well-meaning stuff — why it happened and how I stopped — for three hours, and the headline would be ‘Drunk on the set of ‘Harry Potter.’ So I don’t talk about it as much now.” But, did Daniel Radcliffe drink on set of Harry Potter? Probably not. In 2012, he revealed to Heat magazine (via The Telegraph) that while he never drank on the set of “Harry Potter,” there were times he was still drunk while working. “I can point to many scenes where I’m just gone. Dead behind the eyes,” he said. Daniel Radcliffe is currently filming his new movie Imperium, in Hopewell, Virginia. Daniel Radcliffe will play a FBI agent in the new movie Imperium. Despite sounding like a sexy space soap opera, It is actually based on the true story of Michael German, the FBI agent who spent years undercover in Neo-Nazi and militia groups in the United States. In the movie, the character based on Michael German tries to stop a bunch of white supremacists from doing a terrorist attack.

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