What the Critics Are Saying: Will Smith's 'FOCUS'

Plan on watching Will Smith's new movie 'Focus'? Check out what the critics are saying before you head to the theaters.

Will Smith's latest feature film since the box office flop 'After Earth', hits theaters on Friday and according to reports, it is expected to be a box office hit. But, many critics are calling the movie a disaster. Focus centers around a veteran con man Nicky and his latest scheme, until a woman from his past - now an accomplished femme fatale - shows up and throws his plans for a loop.

Here are the bad things movie critics are saying about the new movie Focus:

It all adds up to an entertaining first half hour or so before the plot begins in earnest and the fun factor starts to droop. - DailyMail Drunk on its perfume-ad cinematography and doesn't know when to quit with its double-double cross plotting. - The Globe and Mail It's not that the movie keeps you guessing with its intricacy, it's more like it's making it up as it goes along. - New York Post
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Here are a few good things movie critics are saying about Will Smith's Focus:

Mostly, it is fun to watch Will Smith and Margot Robbie, and to marvel at whatever divine or evolutionary miracle concentrated so much charisma in the two of them. - New York Times Smith and Robbie are terrific together. At various points along the way, he's playing her, and then she's playing him, and then we're almost positive they've let their collective guard down and they're really in love ... Or are they? - Chicago Sun Times The mix of longtime star and minx on the rise is one tasty element in the success of a movie that approaches the modest goals and effortless allure of a 60-year-old Hitchcock. - TIME
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