Alleged Chris Brown Victim Shares Photos of Beaten Eye

Chris Brown is facing allegations of assault, but the R&B singer is sure that he is an innocent man.

Chris Brown's most recent legal trouble centers around an incident at a Las Vegas party where Liziane Gutierrez claims she was punched in the face by the singer after she took a photo of him with her phone. Gutierrez says her phone was also taken after the altercation which supposedly occurred early Saturday morning at the Palms Hotel. It's a claim that police are now looking into. The battery claim was met with fierce denials from Brown's public relations committee including the singer's represenattive blasting the allegation as "unequivocally untrue" and now the singer is pushing back against the most recent assault case. A rep told TMZ that Brown is being accused of something eh did not do and that the alleged victim that the alleged victim was thrown out of the party for her out of control behavior. According to Brown's camp, Gutierrez was having a meltdown and she claimed she“could buy everyone in the hotel.” They say no assault took place and that Gutierrez is merely trying to get back at the singer.
Chris Brown initially released a short video denial of Gutierrez’s claims, but it was deleted not particularly long after surfacing online. However, we were able to locate the video:
According to TMZ, this isn't the first time that Gutierrez has had a problem with a popular singer. In August, she claimed that Jason DeRulo fler her from Las Vegas to Hollywood to spend some time together, but instead ditched her. She also stated that DeRulo also attempted to force women into engaging in an unnamed activity and that they were left in tears as a result. However, this has not stopped Gutierrez from posting the damage to her eye on social media.

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