Entertainment NewsCelebritiesCarl Anthony Payne II Discloses His Stepson's Biological Father is Bobby Brown

Carl Anthony Payne II Discloses His Stepson’s Biological Father is Bobby Brown


Key Takeaways:
– Actor Carl Payne II reveals that his stepson's biological father is Bobby Brown during his first TV interview.
– Carl shares a close bond with Bobby Brown and they have mutual respect for each other.
– Carl also discusses his biological children and takes pride in the fact that he has four sons.

In a recent episode of ‘The Tamron Hall Show,' actor Carl Anthony Payne II, known for his in ‘' and ‘The Cosby Show', disclosed that his stepson is Bobby Brown's biological child. This revelation not only shocked the audience but also marked a milestone for Payne, as it was his first-ever daytime TV interview.

Payne's Historic First Daytime TV Interview

During the candid chat, host Tamron Hall expressed surprise upon realizing that Payne had never done a TV interview before. This fact added a layer of intrigue for the audience, who were further taken aback when they learned the identity of Payne's stepson's father.

Carl Payne's Relationship with Bobby Brown

Opening up about his marriage, Payne confirmed being in marital bliss with his wife, Melika, for thirty years. “In Hollywood worlds that's like 500 years,” Hall remarked humorously. Inducing slightly more shock, she also brought up that Payne's stepson Landon was actually the biological son of singer Bobby Brown.

Payne responded with good humor, acknowledging that he has been helping raise Landon since he was just five years old. Hall highlighted the strong bond between Payne and Brown, noting their mutual respect and shared responsibility in raising Landon.

Discussing his Four Sons

In addition to his personal , the interview also touched upon Payne's paternal responsibilities. Payne, a doting father to his four sons, spoke about the challenges and joys of raising boys. His humorous comment on the abundance of testosterone in his household resonated with the audience.

As the episode concluded, an unexpected influx of compliments began pouring in from . Viewers gushed over how well Payne has aged, and many were compelled to leave appreciative comments under the show's clip. One user, @bernardwylie9760, exclaimed, “Carl looks great! I cannot believe this is his first daytime TV interview!” Another follower, @e113jelly6, praised, “He looks pretty youthful. It seems like life has been great to him.”

Actor's Current Endeavors

Beyond talk of his personal life, Payne's professional also garnered attention during the chat. The actor is currently starring in the film ‘Binged to Death' alongside comedian Loni Love. The 's availability on Prime made it an intriguing topic for discussion.

This refreshing insight into Carl Anthony Payne II's personal and professional life has left fans and viewers alike looking forward to what the actor has to share next. Whether it's about his relationships, parenting experiences, or upcoming projects, the audience is now keenly tuned in, appreciating a side of the actor they hadn't seen earnestly before. His first-ever TV interview indeed made a memorable impact, setting a high bar for future ones.

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