'Captain Fantastic' Feature Film Open Casting Call in Albuquerque, New Mexico

'Captain Fantastic' Starring Viggo Mortensen, Frank Langella, Kathryn Hahn and Steve Zahn Open Casting Call in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Production for the upcoming major motion picture, 'Captain Fantastic' is heating up and producers are now casting talent to appear in the movie. According to reports, Captain Fantastic centers on an idealistic father who is forced to assimilate his family of six kids into soceity after living in America's Pacific Northwest for ten years. Captain Fantastic features Viggo Mortensen (The Lord of the Rings),  Steve Zahn (Dallas Buyers Club), Kathryn Hahn (Bad Words), Missi Pyle (Gone Girl), and Erin Moriarty (True Detective).   Shutterstock 'Captain Fantastic'/Shutterstock “This is a project we all fell in love with and was voted best script of 2014 by our distribution teams on the ground,” president of Entertainment One Films International Harold van Lier said in a statement. “It is a very original story, both funny and deeply emotional and a wonderful role for Viggo. I don’t think we have read anything like it since Little Miss Sunshine, but this is altogether very different.” Midthunder Casting is holding an open casting call on Saturday, August 9th for actors to work on 'Captain Fantastic'. The open casting call will be held at the Sol Acting Academy 5500 San Mateo Blvd NE, Suite 114 Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109 from 1 to 4 PM. If you cannot attend the open casting call you can submit your headshot and acting resume to: [email protected] For more details check out the open casting call details below:

'Captain Fantastic' Open Casting Call

CASTING CALL FOR MAJOR MOTION PICTURE CAPTAIN FANTASTIC Starring Viggo Mortensen, Frank Langella, Kathryn Hahn and Steve Zahn WHEN: 1-4 pm Saturday, August 9, 2014 WHERE: Sol Acting Academy 5500 San Mateo Blvd NE, Suite 114 Albuquerque, NM 87109 WHO: ADULTS OF ALL AGES Most sought after are ages 55 and over We are also casting a large number of people in their 40's - 50's as well as some in their 20's - 30's We are also seeking families with grown children (parents and teenagers) WHAT: This will be an UPSCALE funeral scene in large, beautiful cathedral SHOOT DATES & LOCATION: AUGUST 14 and/or 15 in ALBUQUERQUE Please note: WE MAY BE CASTING YOU ON THE SPOT! Dress to impress! Please ATTEND the casting call in your BEST ATTIRE for the scene See wardrobe details below WARDROBE: UPSCALE funeral attire MEN: Suits (dark colors: black preferred, grey & navy blue acceptable) WOMEN: dresses (black), Suits / Skirts (dark colors: black preferred, grey & navy blue acceptable) IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND THE CASTING CALL EMAIL: [email protected]
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THESE ARE PAID POSITIONS Director: Matt Ross Casting: Angelique Midthunder with Erin O'Shaugnessy for Midthunder Casting, LLC SYNOPSIS: In the forests of the Pacific Northwest, a passionate father is so devoted to teaching his six children how to live, be free, and survive in the world that he has moved them deep into the forests of the Pacific Northwest. He spends his days teaching them combat skills, training them like professional athletes, homeschooling them in a rigorous classical education, and introducing them to the beauty of the natural world. However, when he is forced to leave their self-created paradise and confront the real world, he begins a journey that challenges his unorthodox parenting.

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

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