Entertainment News'Bridgerton' Star Jonathan Bailey May Lead Next 'Jurassic World'

‘Bridgerton’ Star Jonathan Bailey May Lead Next ‘Jurassic World’


Title: ‘' Star Jonathan Bailey May Lead Next Jurassic World

Key Takeaways:

– Jonathan Bailey, celebrated for his roles in Bridgerton and Tom Clancy's , might clinch the lead role in the next Jurassic World movie.
– The plot for the sequel remains under wraps, with filming expected to start this summer in the UK.
– The new era of Jurassic World, penned by original co-writer David Koepp, will not notable characters from previous films.
– Gareth Edwards replaces David Leitch as the director, prepping for the sequel's release on July 2, 2025.
– Screenwriter David Koepp's credentials include Spielberg's and other acclaimed movies.

New Casting Frontier for Jurassic World

Escaping from the pages of Bridgerton, Jonathan Bailey could soon be fleeing from dinosaurs on Jurassic World. Sources have advised that Bailey is in discussions with Universal about possibly heading up their highly successful dinosaur franchise. Freshly off the TV series Fellow Travelers, with an role in the fantasy drama , Bailey's prospects in Hollywood are roaring to life.

An All-New Jurassic Era

Universal's fresh installment, from original Jurassic Park co-writer David Koepp, is launching a drastically different era for the franchise. The storyline will separate from the trilogy's pathway, which ended with Jurassic World: Dominion. This revolutionary sequel will introduce humans cohabiting with the Earth's prehistoric creatures in the modern world.

Yet, this novelty infers that familiar characters won't make a comeback. Audiences may have to say goodbye to Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard), and the iconic trio – Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum.

Nonetheless, the exact details about who Bailey will portray, and the broader plot, remain unknown. With production set to commence this summer in the UK, anticipate further announcements concerning the anticipated narrative shift.

Directorial Shuffle

Following a switch in directors from David Leitch to Gareth Edwards, best known for Rogue One, the revamp of Jurassic World is now on fast track. The new director will have to hit the ground running to meet the pre-set July 2, 2025 release date.

David Koepp: Stamping His Legacy

David Koepp, co-writer of the original Jurassic Park, promises a gripping script for the upcoming . His impressive credentials include The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, among others, showcasing his mastery in crafting immersive narratives.

This new Jurassic World sequel is Koepp's opportunity to reinvigorate the iconic of the dino-franchise, perhaps with Bailey leading the way. As for the audience, this union seems exciting, alluring, and, undoubtedly, an event to keenly look forward to. Stay tuned for more updates regarding casting, plot details, and film locations.

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