Entertainment News'Blair Witch Reboot': Cast, Production and Everything You Need to Know

‘Blair Witch Reboot’: Cast, Production and Everything You Need to Know


As the boundary between myth and reality blurs in the eerie woods of Burkittsville, Maryland, the legend of the Blair Witch is poised to captivate audiences once again. Horror maestro Jason Blum, under the banner of Blumhouse Productions, partners with Lionsgate to reboot “The Blair Witch Project,” promising a fresh yet frightening take on the seminal found-footage horror film. This announcement, made at CinemaCon, heralds a thrilling revival of one of the most iconic and profitable horror franchises in cinema history.

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About ‘Blair Witch' Franchise

The “Blair Witch” saga began with the groundbreaking release of “The Blair Witch Project” in 1999. Crafted by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez, the film utilized a minimalist production style and a pseudo-documentary format to tell the story of three filmmakers who disappear while investigating the supernatural legend in Maryland's Black Hills Forest. The movie's innovative approach, combined with a viral campaign that suggested the footage was real, captivated and terrified audiences worldwide. Following the immense success of the original, which grossed over $248 million against a modest budget, the franchise expanded to include sequels, novels, and games, each delving deeper into the chilling lore surrounding the Blair Witch.


The reboot of “The Blair Witch” is not just a continuation but a reimagining of the original concept, spearheaded by Jason Blum's expertise in crafting low-budget, high-impact horror. Blumhouse Productions, known for its cost-effective production , has consistently delivered some of the most memorable horror films of the past decade, including “Paranormal Activity,” “The Purge,” and the recent hits “M3GAN” and “Five Nights at Freddy's.” This project marks the first in a multi-picture deal with Lionsgate aimed at reimagining horror classics, indicating a significant commitment to revitalizing the genre. The collaboration between Blumhouse and Lionsgate, previously seen in the thriller “Imaginary,” sets the stage for a creative synergy that could redefine horror cinema for a new generation.


While specific details remain under wraps, the success of Blumhouse's previous films suggests that the reboot might feature a blend of established actors and rising stars, capable of conveying the authentic terror and raw emotion that “The Blair Witch” demands. Casting choices will be crucial in capturing the visceral realism that made the original film a cultural phenomenon. As production progresses, the unveiling of the cast will likely be a significant focal point for both fans and media, generating anticipation and speculation about how these new faces will contend with the horrifying legacy of the Blair Witch.


The announcement of the “Blair Witch” reboot was a highlight of CinemaCon, the annual trade show attended by cinema owners and movie professionals from around the globe. Held in Las Vegas, the event serves as a platform for major studios to present their upcoming projects and forge theatrical distribution deals. The news of the reboot comes as part of a broader initiative by Blumhouse and Lionsgate to breathe new life into horror classics. This film is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting partnership, with potential future projects that may further cement Blumhouse's status as a powerhouse in the horror genre. The anticipation surrounding this reboot is a testament to the enduring appeal of the Blair Witch legend and its capacity to evolve with contemporary cinematic techniques.

In sum, the reboot of “The Blair Witch Project” by Jason Blum and Lionsgate is not merely a revival but a strategic enhancement of a horror legacy. By leveraging the innovative production techniques of Blumhouse and the storytelling prowess of Lionsgate, this new installment is set to not only honor the original film but also to explore new depths of the haunting mythos that is the Blair Witch. Horror fans, new and old, should prepare themselves for a journey back into the darkness of the Black Hills Forest, where the line between fiction and terror fades into the shadows.

What does the original cast feel about the ‘Blair Witch' reboot?

In the realm of horror films, few have managed to evoke such tingling sensation of terror and intrigue as the unforgettable 1999 sleeper hit, “The Blair Witch Project”. Now, as the new century brings a fresh trend of cinematic reboots, it seems inevitable that the torch would pass to a new generation of filmmakers, ready to recreate the chilling tale of the Blair Witch. As plans continue to unfold regarding this revamp, we delve into the reactions and thoughts of the original filmmakers and how they perceive this fresh, albeit familiar direction.

“The Blair Witch Project” was more than just a film – it was a revolutionary cinematic experience that redefined the horror genre and birthed a new subgenre: found footage horror films. Penned and directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez, the film explored a faux-documentary style of filmmaking which, at the time of its release, was groundbreaking and instantly became a cultural phenomenon.

The movie centered on three film students who ventured into Maryland's Black Hills Forest in pursuit of the notorious legend of the Blair Witch. With their disappearance, all that was left was their filming equipment and tapes, providing a chilling account of their horrifying experience. The genuine terror instigated by this film had audiences questioning whether the presented story was real or just a convincing piece of fiction. The authenticity of horror thrived on the perfect balance between the seen and the unseen, with suspense being a predominant element that prevailed throughout the film.

So, with the news of a reboot entering the cinematic fray, one would expect skepticism or even outright rejection from the original filmmakers, right?

Surprisingly, the original team reacted rather positively to the news. Myrick and Sanchez expressed excitement about passing the torch to a new generation of filmmakers. They understood this resurgence as an opportunity to retell the Blair Witch tale using contemporary technological advancements and modern perspectives.

In fact, Sanchez has been particularly forthcoming, remarking that the tale of the Blair Witch is an ever-evolving legend, open to different interpretations. The original movie was heavily reliant on the fear of the unknown, as much of the terror was implied rather than shown. The new generation of filmmakers have the opportunity to further explore this premise, possibly even delving deeper into the lore of the Blair Witch.

Meanwhile, Myrick sees the reboot as an opportunity for creativity. Rather than being a carbon copy, he's excited at the prospect of a fresh, unique take on the ‘found footage' concept. For him, it's all about perspectives that would provide the with a thrilling experience akin to the original one.

The members of the original cast reacted with enthusiasm and curiosity. Their responses were largely favorable, suggesting that they were keen on seeing a new iteration of their breakthrough movie.

Heather Donahue, the seminal ‘face' of the Blair Witch Project, revealed her anticipation towards the reboot. Donahue stepped away from acting in 2008 and has since been focusing on writing. Regardless of her departure from the industry, she remains excited about the prospect of a renewed narrative.

Michael C. Williams, who starred alongside Donahue, also expressed interest in what the reboot would bring. The cast and crew of the original seemed to unite in their enthusiasm, embracing the fresh take that could possibly amplify the Blair Witch legacy.

Regardless of this approval from the original crew and cast, the new film is bound to have its opponents. However, this backlash may be a part of the reboot's journey, just as it was an integral part of the original film's story. It's all about taking the legacy forward, adopting modern cinematography and special effects techniques to create a renewed, terrifying Blair Witch experience for the new generation.

In conclusion, the upcoming reboot carries not just a formidable legacy, but also the blessings and optimism of its original creators. As the new team takes on the challenge of recreating the Blair Witch legend – the turbulent tale of horror and despair – audiences worldwide wait with bated breath. Will the new rendition amplify the terror of the original, or will it bring a fresh perspective to the table? Only time can truly answer this heart-stopping question.

 Blair Witch Project Stars Demand Fair Compensation and Involvement in Future Projects

Key Takeaways:

• Blair Witch Project actors Joshua Leonard, Heather Donahue, and Michael Williams are seeking fair residual profits from the original film and a consultative role in future projects from Lionsgate.
• The cast specifically demands residuals equivalent to what they would have received had they been under SAG-AFTRA representation when the film was launched.
• They also request to be consulted on any endeavor associated with the movie, especially if their names or likenesses will be used for promotions.
• A new proposal entails setting up a grant for upcoming genre filmmakers to be named after The Blair Witch Project.
• The movie's original directors and are standing in solidarity with the acting trio against Lionsgate.

Blair Witch Project Actors Speak Out

The stars of the 1999 blockbuster, The Blair Witch Project, are rallying for respect and endowment from Lionsgate, the current rights controller of the original film. Joshua Leonard, Heather Donahue, and Michael Williams are campaigning for fair remuneration over past and future residuals, and a say in any future projects linked to the iconic film.

Unfair Gains Stir Contention

In a joint statement released via Deadline, the stars conveyed their discontent with Lionsgate's alleged profit-off, leveraging their sweat, screams, and tears from the original movie. The trio argue that the studio owes them residuals corresponding to what they would have earned if they had been under proper union or legal representation during the film's creation.

This taking of a stance after more than two decades draws attention to what they perceive as pervasive disrespect for the original cast's contributions to the film's enduring success.

Call for Inclusion in Future Endeavors

Apart from calling for residual winnings, the Blair Witch Project stars are pushing for consultation in endeavors related to the movie. This could stretch from potential reboots, escape rooms to anything where their names or likenesses might be used for publicity.

Their collective claim is a direct effort to restore their active involvement within anything involving their past roles, insisting that their names not be used for promotional purposes without their prior consultation.

Proposing a Blair Witch Grant

In a move to support upcoming filmmakers, the Blair Witch stars propose the establishment of a grant named after the film. The grant would be given to an aspiring genre filmmaker to assist them in making their first feature film. Specifically, this is a grant, not an investment fund, implying Lionsgate will hold no ownership over the future project.

The stars have found allies in the original directors Dan Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez, and producers Robin Cowie, Gregg Hole and Michael Monello, who all back their campaign.

What's Next for Lionsgate?

Whilst the demands and grievances shared by the Blair Witch Project stars and their supportive team reverberate in the industry, all eyes are on Lionsgate. How they react will set the precedent within the industry pertaining to actors' rights, residuals, and their role in franchise extensions. Meanwhile, production is reportedly ongoing for a Blair Witch Project re-imagining, courtesy of Lionsgate and Blumhouse.

The discussions sparked by the Blair Witch Project stars bring to light critical issues around original content rights, fair royalties, and the involvement of original cast members in derivative projects. As the industry awaits further news, the dialogue unstoppably continues.

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