Entertainment NewsBlac Chyna Talks About 'Where Is Wendy Williams?' Documentary

Blac Chyna Talks About ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ Documentary


Key Takeaways:

– Angela White, otherwise known as Blac Chyna, acknowledged her fleeting appearance on the ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ documentary.
– Despite not watching the documentary entirely, she expressed that it was important for the film to be produced.
– White reveals that her struggle with alcohol made her relate to Williams’ story.

The ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ Documentary: A Reflection

Entertainment Tonight, on April 10, interviewed Angela White, widely recognized as Blac Chyna. The topics broached during the conversation revolved around her brief appearance on the ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ documentary. The four-part series aired in February, showcasing an episode where White visited Williams at her NYC apartment. She thanked the former talk show host for grounding her during her difficult times and promised to visit Williams more often. This heartwarming interaction with Williams, who has been diagnosed with dementia and aphasia, moved the viewers deeply.

Blac Chyna’s Surprise Visit to Wendy Williams

During her visit to Williams, White was taken aback by the documentary crew’s presence. “I was there for Wendy, and I didn’t even know that they were filming a documentary”, White remarked to Entertainment Tonight. Despite being a part of the series, White confessed she had not watched the full documentary yet, prefacing this by saying, “I’m the type of person if I see more than what I need to see, I’m gonna have to dig and get to the bottom of certain things.”

Chyna Stands by the Documentary

Despite her limited exposure to the documentary, White vouched for its necessity. She underscored the fact that such stories needed to be told to raise awareness. “Maybe this is going to help other people to see”, she mused, pointing out the importance of the documentary.

Dealing with Personal Struggles: Chyna’s Empathy

White admitted that learning about Wendy’s struggles with alcoholism affected her viscerally due to her personal battles with alcohol. Recognizing the parallels in her journey, she shared, “So to see Wendy, you know, struggling obviously with the alcohol and her substances over the years, you know, it hurts, and it’s like the alcohol part with me, so it’s like I can relate to that.”

Behind the Scenes: ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’

The ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ documentary aired on the Lifetime network during a two-day event that began on February 24. Depicting the former talk show host’s recent challenges with alcohol, the documentary revealed how the court-appointed guardianship influenced Williams’s relationships with her family and her plans to return to TV. Post-airing, several celebrities expressed concern for Williams’ well-being.

In Conclusion

As an unflinching glimpse into the life of Wendy Williams, the documentary places her struggle and resilience in the face of adversity at its core. Angela White’s brief appearance and her statements reflect the show’s raw impact. Not only has it moved those featured within it, but it also serves a critical role in fostering awareness and empathy for deeply personal struggles, a testament to its necessity, as per White.

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