Entertainment NewsApple Suspends Overall Deals as Writers’ and Actors’ Strikes Continue

Apple Suspends Overall Deals as Writers’ and Actors’ Strikes Continue


Apple Halts Overall Deals Amid Ongoing Writers' and Actors' Strikes

Amid the ongoing strikes led by the Writers Guild and Screen Actors Guild, Apple has temporarily suspended additional overall and first-look deals with creators, according to a knowledgeable source cited by TheWrap. This move primarily affects non-writing whose projects have reached a standstill or are in the latter stages of production.

Among the impacted deals are those involving 's Hyperobject Industries and 's MountainA. However, arrangements for projects where producers can still engage in non-writing and non- roles are set to continue.

This exemption encompasses Martin Scorsese's contract as he nears completion of “Killers of the Flower Moon,” scheduled for release next month and already undergoing critical screenings. Another unaffected deal involves ' Playtone, the production outfit behind the upcoming limited series “Masters of the Air” for +.

As of now, Apple has not provided any immediate comment regarding this development.

An overall deal constitutes an agreement between a studio and a production company or creative talent. It involves the studio providing financial support for concepts and projects generated by the company or individual throughout the agreement.

Apple now joins other major studios such as CBS, Disney, , Paramount, and Warner Bros. Discovery, which have similarly suspended deals due to the prolonged strikes. These suspensions are executed under “force majeure” clauses, a provision commonly found in studio contracts that can be invoked during a union strike. Prominent figures whose deals have been affected include J.J. Abrams, Greg Berlanti, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Mindy Kaling, Lorne Michaels, Billy Porter, Gina Rodriguez, and others.

This development places additional pressure on creatives who are also involved in production. They can no longer rely on studio funding to cover expenses at their production companies, although several studios have committed to paying assistants through the end of the year. Filmmaker Justin Simien, for instance, initiated a GoFundMe during the strike when his deal was suspended, successfully raising over $65,000 to compensate his production company, Machine, employees. Simien discussed the situation with TheWrap during that period.

While these deals have been temporarily halted, there remains the possibility of their reinstatement later, with the duration of the suspension added to the contract terms — or the values may be terminated.

“Undoubtedly, before the strike, there was speculation that this presented an opportunity for these companies to rid themselves of exceedingly costly arrangements,” remarked Simien in an earlier with TheWrap.

The Ankler first disclosed the initial report on Apple's suspension of deals, while the news about Portman and McKay's sales being affected was initially covered by Deadline.

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