Actress Recreates Famous Movie Scenes During Chemo Treatments

Actress used her chemo treatments to recreate famous movie scenes.

Chemotherapy treatment is grueling process for most patients. Karen Walsh decided to turn her chemotherapy treatment into an experience that she will never forget by recreating famous television shows and movies.

Ms. Walsh’s battle with colon cancer, stage four, has not been easy. She has 11 tumors in her lymph nodes and liver that are inoperable; she has received chemotherapy each week. According Cosmopolitan, one or Ms. Walsh’s friends, a director, encouraged her to document her Chemotherapy treatment by staging her Instagram photos. Each treatment Walsh received at New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Hospital, she typically brings costumes, friends, and props with her. During treatment, she and her friends post for different photos. Each photo brings to life, a movie and television show, while documenting her treatment.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Ms. Walsh said, “It’s a little silly, but it’s fun! I suppose I’m comfortable with it because I’m an actress, but really anyone can do it. I just enjoy the distraction.”

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