How to Become a Seat Filler at the Academy Awards

After Neil Patrick Harris brought attention to the Oscar seat fillers this year, many viewers asked the biggest question, "How can I become a seat filler?"

Unlike many other award shows, The Academy is extremely selective and private about who can fill someone's seat. According to the A.V. Club, you can only get in if you have a relative working for the Academy or if you work for PWC, the accounting firm that counts the votes. Oscars 2015 Gif The A.V. club reportedly spoke with someone who has been a seat-filler before, but the source had to remain anonymous because seat fillers reportedly sign a non-disclosure agreements which don't allow them to talk about their experience. The paperwork involved signing a documenting stating that if the seat filler misbehaves, he or she could get their connection fired from The Academy.  But, don't get too excited. Many of the seat fillers aren't invited to the Oscars after parties.
AVC: Fair enough. So you get there, you’re able to sit through the whole thing: What happens for you guys when the show is over? SF: I don’t think there was any kind of after-thing. I think I went and said hi to my relative, because they were on-site, and we chatted for a little bit, and that was it. I just went home; I don’t think there was anything special for it at all. I definitely did not get any time to wander around in the theater or anything… It was a very long day, and the broadcast lasted a long time, so I’m sure we just went home and slept.
In addition, there is a dress code everyone must adhere to and nobody is allowed to talk to the actors. "Don't do anything that makes you stand out to the camera," the source said. "So when you're in the seat in the theater, be as professional and stoic as possible. Don't draw attention to yourself in any way." What do you think? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

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