"Racist" NYC Cab Driver Who Wouldn't Pick Up Al Roker Pleads Guilty

The Al Roker was fined $500.

Al Roker bellweather for the weathermen everywhere has finally received the justice he's been looking for. The New York City yellow taxi driver accused of refusing ride to weatherman Al Roker pleaded guilty and was fined $500. The cab driver was accused of snubbing world famous weatherman Al Roker has pleaded guilty to a service refusal violation and was fined $500, according to the city's Taxi and Limousine Commission. Rahman was facing severe penalties plus a 30-day suspension after Al Roker complained on Twitter in Novembmer that him and his teenage son were refused service for being black in favor of a white person a block away. The driver also settled a refusal allegation back in May for $200, according to reports. "This happens to folks of color every day," Roker said following the incident. "And while most cabbies do their job, there are those ignorant, racist ones who hurt the others." Rahman argues that he did not see Al Roker and calls the situation just a mistake.

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