9 Most Disgusting Details Made About Michael Jackson By His Former Maids

Michael Jackson is known across the world as the king of pop. But, to his former maids, he may be known as the king of filthy.

According to Page 6, Michael Jackson may have been a lot creepier than we thought. Three maids, who worked for MIchael Jackson from 1986 to 1994, spoke to The Post about the King of Pop's weird behavior. Here are the 9 most disgusting details the former maids revealed about Michael Jackson.
  1. He would often threaten to make “doo doo snowballs” out of his own feces and throw them at the maids.
  2. He would relieve himself on his own floors.
  3. He refused to allow his bed sheets to be changed. Maids would have to do it surreptitiously. “There’d be socks and underpants in the bed and half-eaten chicken and potato chips, empty bottles of wine and whiskey on the floor,” one maid said.
  4. He would frequently wet himself.
  5.  Because of the foul conditions of his home, his couch became infested with bedbugs, and he blamed it on his maids. “He said we should do a better job, and he said he knew that we came from poor countries so we were used to bedbugs, but he couldn’t live with them.”
  6. He was a hoarder. “The amount of stuff he had could have covered that entire ranch, and most of it was junk that he refused to part with,” one of the maids said.
  7. He allegedly had two items which he refused to give up: “A soiled baby’s diaper, and a pair of Fruit of the Loom that was obviously worn by someone who was either a teen or an early-age adult.”
  8. He was surprisingly anti-Semitic, and would often wish Steven Spielberg into “Jew hell.”
  9. He was also a narcissist who hated his family.“He was on a mission.
There was an old Ebony magazine in which he saw a picture of . . . the Jackson 5. He didn’t like it, and so he would send people out with about $500, and when they brought the magazines back, he’d play a game of confetti where he’d shred pictures of his brothers and sisters and even his parents and throw them all around the halls and into the guest quarters,” Maid No. 1 said.“He said, ‘Yuck, they don’t deserve to have my name, they are gutless moochers. I’m the only star. They should be cleaning my shoes.’” [UPROXX>
The former maids revealed these details about Michael Jackson due to a new sexual abuse case against the Jackson estate and it is expected that the maids will be called as witnesses. Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

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