6 Things You Missed in The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale

Warning: Huge Walking Dead spoilers for the mid-season finale "Coda" are coming up

The mid-season finale aired on Sunday and it quite frankly, wrapped up Season 5 quite nicely. The episode started out with three different groups but, ended with everyone reuniting in the parking lot of the hospital. Unfortunately, the reunion was depressing as Beth Greene, was killed in the final moments of the episode. While there is a lot to process in this action-packed episode, here are 5 things you missed in The Walking Dead episode "Coda" TWD11-Noah-e-Beth

1. "Coda"

According to Webster Dictionary Coda is defined as the following:
co·da noun \?k?-d?\
: an ending part of a piece of music or a work of literature or drama that is separate from the earlier parts

: something that ends and completes something else

So it is no coincidence in the episode in which Beth,the most musically talented member in the group dies in the episode. It is also important to note that her "song" is over, but it is a sign that there a lot more to come.


2. Karma finally hits Father Gabriel

In the last episode Father Gabriel was seen limping around in the woods. In 'Coda' we see Father Gabriel is outside the school where we last saw Gareth and the Hunters. Gabriel found some personal items from the remaining people of terminus, including a bible which once belonged to Gareth's mother, Mary. It was after noticing her bible that he saw the remains of Bob's leg, and something in him seemed to change. It was at this point that the glass doors and windows at the school finally broke, and Gabriel limped back to the church begging for help. It is important to note that five episodes ago Gareth promised Bob they would.

The scene of him begging to be let him is also ironic because, Father Gabriel's biggest secret was that he had locked his church members outside the church when the outbreak first began.

Rick The Walking Dead

3. Rick has completely changed

Rick went completely dark in this episode. From the start of the episode, he chased down a still handcuffed Lamson, and hit him with the police car, not unlike what happened to Carol. With the injured officer on the ground, Rick insisted, "It didn't have to be like this, you just had to stop," though this was followed up with Rick saying "you can't go back, Bob." Lamson tells Rick that, "he's been out here too long," before he's shot dead and Rick tells him to shut up.

Lamson's death demonstrates that Rick will do anything to survive, no matter what the cost, and he has no interest in compromising. This will probably be a big deal in the second half of Season 5. The gang will reach Alexandria Safe-Zone, and Rick will have a hard time adapting to life that is organized rather than the lawless world he has been living in for the past several months.

TWD Beth Carol

4. The Walking Dead foreshadowed Beth's death

The sad image of Daryl carrying Beth's dead body outside of the hospital was foreshadowed by the episode, "Consumed." Daryl burned the shrouded body of the child walker at the with Daryl carrying Beth in a similar manner in "Coda".

This was also seen in episode 13 of Season 4, when Daryl carried an injured Beth, wearing the same clothes that she had on when she died, to a house after she got her foot stuck in an animal trap. In addition, Beth also said in episode 12 of Season 4, that "you're gonna miss me so bad when I'm gone, Daryl Dixon."

The Walking Dead

5. The symbols return

After not seeing any engravings of the mysterious tree carvings since "Four Walls and a Roof," the mysterious tree markings returned in "Coda".

In the episode "Coda" you see a sideways 'L', when Father Gabriel limped back through the forest toward the church, though he seemed not to notice the mark. It wasn't until we saw Morgan, making his second appearance this season, that we saw him acknowledge both the symbol of a circle with a cross through it, and the one of a sideways 'L'.

The sideways 'L' mark lead him directly to the church where he found the map Abraham had left for Rick, bringing him one step closer to the group. Even though it seemed like a long time has passed since the group left the church and Morgan finding it, and the mpa, it's a good sign that he is on the trail. Expect to see Morgan a lot more in the second half of Season 5.

The Walking Dead Symbol

6. The Walking Dead made huge reference to The Boondock Saints movie

There was a ton of action in the mid-season finale, but the director of the mid-season finale made sure to give a clever nod to the movie Boondock Saints. Boondock Saints is the 1999 crime movie which starred Daryl Dixon, aka Norman Reedus in the lead role. The movie centered around two twins Murphy (Norman Reedus) and Connor MacManus (Sean Patrick Flanery), who became vigilantes after killing two members of the Russian Mafia and set out to rid their home city of Boston, of crime and evil. Check out the images for yourself:   walking-dead-season-5-episode-8Boondock-Saints-3-News
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