3 Things You Missed in 'The Walking Dead' Episode 'Try'

As the season finale of The Walking Dead draws near, last Sunday's episode of 'The Walking Dead' 'Try' was crazy.

As Deanna grieved for her son and the group mourned the loss of Noah, a dark shadow crossed the town of Alexandria putting the future of the group into question. The episode was filled with subtle references and foreshadowing, so here ar things you probably missed in 'The Walking Dead' 'Try': Walking Dead Gif

1. The Broken Window Theory

In last week's episode, 'Spend,' Rick told us a criminological theory that argues "If you keep the windows intact, you keep society intact." Well, Rick really proved this theory when a fight broke out between Rick and abusing husband Pete where the two literally smashed through a window. The fight looked like two dogs fighting over a bone than two grown men talking out their problems. The brawl showed the future of Alexandria is in question and Rick's future is probably in real jeopardy. 5-things-you-might-have-missed-in-the-walking-dead-try-318023

2. The red theory

You may have noticed a red balloon throughout the episode. The balloon, which we later learned belonged to Sam, acted as a symbol to Rick's state of mind through the episode. At first it was calmy floating around. However, the second time we see the ballon it was being dragged by Sam, tugging to get free - it just after this scene that Rick lost it and went back to Jessie and Pete's house which resulted in the fight. The last time we see the ballon occurred when Rick was choking Pete and he looked up and noticed it had broken free of what had been holding it down, similar to Rick's mental state and how he lost grip on reality. But, this red symbol is really significant. Back in Season 3 Morgan made a crazy speech saying that all he saw was red and producers are making sure that's all that we see. The red boxcar that the group were held in at Terminus, Rick's red handled machete, the red 'A', plenty of blood from those who have died and now the red ballon. Will Rick end up like Morgan? I guess only time will tell. walking-dead-try

3. Rick has changed

Over the last few episodes Rick's behavior has changed for the worst and he has started to act more like 'Shane'. His whole relationship with Jessie is similar to what Shane and Lori had through Season 1 and 2, not to mention Shane beat up Carol's abusive husband, Ed, in much the same way that Rick did to Pete. What really showed how Shane completely changed was the speech Rick gave to Deanna shortly before Michonne knocked him out. The speech is crazy similar to the speech Shane gave back in Season 2 just before he opened the barn doors. Here's the clip but what do you think? Is this the end of Rick? H/T: Moviepilot What do you think? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.