[WATCH] Stacey Dash Reads Mean Tweets After That Awkward Oscars Joke

Stacey Dash

Here's Stacey Dash reading mean tweets after that awkward Oscars moment.

At the Oscars, Stacey Dash was involved in one of the most awkward moments of TV history during Chris Rock's monologue as his choice for the Academy Awards calling the Clueless actress the new director of minority outreach. It was supposed to be funny and play up on Dash's recent jokes against BET and Black History Month. Some people in the audience didn't get the joke and it made for quite an awkward moment. So, Stacey Dash decided to go on Twitter backstage and go through some of the mean tweets she got responding to her appearance. Unlike the Oscar crowd, who didn't really get the joke, the folks on Twitter were happy to bash and unleash their hatred towardss Dash. Whenever Jimmy Kimmel is involved, these segments are typically funny. Even the clips featuring adult stars are pretty entertaining. This one is just brutal. Like reading a normal Twitter timeline, but then deciding to film it and post it online. She ends the video by taking the higher road, shrugging off the jokes and claims that her comments are based on race. In stead, she believes that her comments are based on her own beliefs.

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