Channing Tatum: I Emailed Quentin Tarantino Everyday for a Role on 'Hateful Eight'

Channing Tatum reveals what it was like working with Quentin Tarantino and how far he would go to get cast in The Hateful Eight.

When Channing Tatum was cast in the new Quentin Tarantino movie, The Hateful Eight, critics and fans were thoroughly surprised. But, behind the scenes, the actor recently revealed that he would nearly anything in order to catch Tarantino's attention. On Friday's Tonight Show the actor explained that he emailed the director a month about his role in the movie. "I basically sent about an email a day for about a month just threatening any other actors that might be up for the role," Tatum said. "I was just praying that no one really tough was up for the role." He joked that he and the other actors could be locked in a room without doors and windows and whoever came out of the room would get the role. "I'm so happy that he didn't say, 'Well Mike Tyson is up for this role.'" The 21 Jump Street actor revealed that while there's "an alumni" in Tarantino films and that actors in his movies are "an actual family," the actor explained that he was pretty nervous during his first table read where he met the legendary cast."I start getting terrified. I'm just shaking. I've never been so nervous." Channing Tatum said that during the table read, he and Dern had to shake hands. But, Bruce Dern was not expecting it. Needless to say, things didn't end well. "I made this really dumb, over-zealous decision and I pull him in really close, and this is at a table read, and I almost pull Bruce Dern out of his chair and he's like, 'You jerk! You almost pulled by arm out of the socket!'" "I'm like, 'Oh my god. I just almost killed one of the best actors of our time.' And I'm mortified," Tatum said. Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight features Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Roth and Michael Madsen. You can watch the video below: