Want to be on TV? NBC's 'Chicago Fire' Casting Call for a TON of New Roles in Chicago

NBC’s ‘Chicago Fire’ casting call for actors to work on several scenes filming in Chicago.

Casting directors and producers are looking for a ton of extras to work on several different scenes filming in Chicago. From kids to adults, casting directors are looking for a wide range of ages and ethnicities to be a part of the production.
Chicago Fire is created by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas and produced by Law & Order creator Dick Wolf, the show follows the lives of the firefighters and paramedics working at the Chicago Fire Department at the firehouse of Engine 51, Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61 and Battalion 25.
For more details see the casting call below:

Hospital Scene Casting Call

CASTING ALERT! We are looking for people to work in a very specific hospital scene! We need thin types to work a full, exciting day! Submit an email with your HEIGHT, WEIGHT, AGE, and PHONE NUMBER to [email protected], with the subject REHAB 3.19. Include a few RECENT pictures, and make sure they're not blurry. ALSO. We need cars! If you have a car that's not black, red, or white (AND HAVEN'T BEEN USED RECENTLY), submit an email with the subject CAR 3.19. THANKS!

Kids Casting Call for a Classroom Scene

Casting Alert! We are searching to cast a classroom full of 10 year old kids, male and female for our next episode on "Chicago Fire". If you have a child who is either 9/10 or 11 years of age, and can get a Joan Philo Work permit, send in a current photograph with their current hair style and include their height, weight, age, and phone number. Send to [email protected] and also include a scanned copy of their work permit if you have it. If you don't have a work permit you should ask for a letter of intent from us.

Newborn Babies Casting Call

Casting Alert! Searching for NEWBORN BABIES again! Searching for babies to play a part of being a newborn! We are considering all ethnicities, male and female. If you have a new born baby up to 8 pounds we would love to consider your baby for this scene. We need to cast three babies. Please send in a picture of your newborn with their date of birth and weight to [email protected] and put "newborn" in the subject line. This is for a shoot date in our next episode which is about a week or so away!

Doctors, Nurses, and MRI Tech Casting Call

Casting Alert! Searching for a real MRI tech and real doctors and nurses to work on Saturday March 22nd for our hospital scene on our other show. If you can work this date send in your photograph ASAP dressed in what you wear as a medical type and include your height, weight, age, and phone number. Send to [email protected] and put "Medical 3.22"