Universal's 'Scarface' Remake to Film in Georgia

Georgia’s film industry is on fire. If you are an aspiring actor, then Georgia is probably one of the best places in the world to become a working actor in the film industry. Now, Universal is ramping up production for the upcoming Scarface reboot and the new movie will film in Georgia. According to Explore Georgia, Scarface will film in Georgia this summer.

This news comes after Suicide Squad writer is currently in talks with Universal to direct the Scarface remake, The Hollywood Reporter reports. Ayer, who became known for his work as the writer behind Training Day and directed End of Watch, is now in talks to direct Universal’s Scarface.

Scarface centers around the rise and fall of a gangster. The last version of the movie, which starred Al Pacino, was directed by director Brian De Palma. The updated sequel will be switching the movie’s setting from Miami to Los Angeles.

Stay tuned for updates, casting calls, and more information.