TV Land 'The Exes' Casting Information

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The Exes is a comedy TV series on TV Land. Divorce attorney helps her client, Stuart by introducing him to a new apartment with two other divorced men. At first the two other men, Phil, and Haskell have their reservations about Stuart moving in, but Holly promises to assist with the transition when things start to go down hill. The Exes feature Donald Faison as Phil Chase, a womanizing divorced man who is only really focused on his own interests. Wayne Knight as Haskell Lutz, a lazy, divorced roommate who sells various items on the internet and former professional bowler. Kristen Johnson as Holly Brooks, a divorce attorney whose former clients and friends live across the hall in an apartment she owns. She often plays matchmaker but she herself struggles to meet the right man. David Alan Basche, a successful dentist and recently divorced man who is trying to get over his feeligns for his ex-wife. The Exes is produced by Mark Reisman, Franco E. Bario, Frank M. Garritano, and Ben Rayment in association with Mark Reisman Productions, Acme Productions, and TV Land Original Productions.

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Principal Casting Information The Exes Sheila Guthrie, Guthrie/Goddard-Smythe Casting, 4024 Radford Ave, Bldg. 5, Ste. 105, Studio City, CA 91604. Image License
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