'Top Shottas' Movie Speaking Roles Open Casting Call

Miami Talent Casting is now casting speaking roles for the upcoming feature film, Top Shottas. Casting directors are looking for actors, models, and talent to star in the upcoming featur efilm. Filming will take place in Miami and Los Angeles, California. Talents will be compensated $300+ per day and filming starts this May 30th until the end of the summer. Travel to California will be covered for teh feature film. Casting directors are looking for actors, models, and talent to play news reporters, drug kingpins, and other principal roles.

About Shottas:

Shottas is a 2002 movie that centers around the story of young men, Biggs (Errol) (Kymani Marley) and Wayne (Spragga Benz), who grow up together in the tough and dangerous streets of (Waterhouse) Kingston. They rob a soda truck and shoot the truck driver while they are still children. They extort, beat, and murder their way to the top of the Miami underworld before their dream ends in a brazen shoot out.
To audition for a role on Shottas, check out the casting call details below.

Top Shottas Casting Call

Miami AND Los Angeles- Top Shottas Film IMPORTANT UPDATE, READ EVERYTHING PLEASE THERE ARE ADDED ROLES BELOW CASTING BY SELF TAPE, also send pics, resume, reels, etc SAG scale pay rate, $300+ per day..shoots May 30 until end summer, possibly longer. if in Ca. travel will be covered for shoot. Your submissions will go straight to the the CD in California, not at local level in Miami. submitting asap. will send sides asap if you do not have them. [email protected] [LEROY> - Male, 20-35, Jamaican-Chinese. [PRINCIPAL] Male, 40’s, Any Ethnicity. Professional, well spoken, he's the principal of the private school type. [RUPERT] Male, 60’s, Caucasian. ------------- [BLACK TONY & BODYCOUNT] Males, 30s, Jamaican, with Jamaican accents. Thug types, tough build. RECURRING – READ both characters as 1 for the audition. [LORI] Female, 30s, Any Ethnicity. business office type, intelectual looking but at the same beautiful. [MILLIE BIERMAN] Female, 50s, Caucasian. Millie is the wife of the judge [JIMMY] Male, 50s, Caucasian. He is a bartender at a smoky bar [SECURITY GUARD] Male, 40’S, Any Ethnicity. [WAITRESS IN COFFEE SHOP] Female, 20’s-30’s, Any Ethnicity. [ANCHORMAN + REPORTER] Male, 30’s-50’s, Any Ethnicity. This ANCHORMAN on TV reports on breaking news regarding drug kingpin Alex Gomez. This REPORTER at the courthouse asks Prentice a question about the arrest of Alex Gomez... (READ BOTH SCENES FOR AUDITION) [FEMALE NEWS REPORTER] Female, 30’s-40’s, Any Ethnicity. This FEMALE NEWS REPORTER reports on the arrest of drug kingpin Alex Gomez... [GUIDANCE COUNSELOR] Female, 30s, Any Ethnicity. She’s the guidance counselor at Boogs' private school type. [WAITRESS AT GENTLEMAN'S CLUB] Female, 25 - 30s, Any Ethnicity. Very attractive and sexy type [RABBIT'S MOTHER] Female, 50s, Caucasian. Older mom type, not too modely [TROUBLE (WOMAN)] Female, 30s, Any Ethnicity. Drop dead gorgeous, sexy, Potential NUDITY and simulated SEX required... [DOCTOR] Male, 50s, Caucasian. Authoritative, serious character type [SEXY FEMALE] Female, 30s, Any Ethnicity. Sexy, confident, dressed expensively, this is a high class call girl [MADDA BROWN] Female, 60s, African American. Overweight, in colorful clothes and turban, will be a voodoo priestest performing a ritual. [JUDGE ALLAN BIERMAN] Male, 50’s, Caucasian. A small and round man. [BAILEY] Female, 29, Caucasian. Blonde, stunningly gorgeous, long legs. Bailey is Prentice's soon to be ex-wife. [CHIEF RAMON GOMEZ] Male, 45, Latino. Stoic and calm. Ramon is a discretely corrupt police officer. [FABIEN] Male, 30’s, Italian (has to be able to speak with an Italian accent). Fabien is Joey Sewell's flamboyant boyfriend. [STICKY] Male, 40’s, Jamaican (has to be able to speak with a Jamaican accent). Short and overweight. Sticky is a mechanic who works for the Sewells. [DOROTHY] Female, 40’s, Latina or Caribbean. Beautiful. Dorothy is Papa's longtime maid. She is fiercely loyal to him, they have a long history. [RABBIT] Male, 30’s, Caucasian. Rabbit is the panicky new truck driver assigned to a run with Rema and Norman. GREAT ACTOR for this role! [JUAN-CARLOS] Male, 40’s, Latino. A hardened and over-confident man. MUST SPEAK SPANISH!..Juan-Carlos is a gangster who recently made an attempt at the head of the Sewell family. [GUSTAVO] Male, 32, Latino. A scruffy and panicked criminal. MUST SPEAK PERFECT SPANSH [ASIAN WOMAN] Female, 20’s, Asian. This Asian prostitute. Actress has to be okay with potential nudity and simulated sex. Also ok with scene content [GUARD] Male, late 20’s-40’s, Any Ethnicity. Burly. [TRUCKER] Male, 50’s, African American. This impatient but polite trucker [NURSE] Female, Late 20’s-50’s, Any Ethnicity. This nurse attends to papa while he's in the hospital... [RECEPTIONIST] Female, 20’s, Any Ethnicity. This beautiful receptionist works the front desk at a high end brothel...2 lines, 1 scene [JUAN CARLOS' MOTHER] Female, 70’s, Hispanic. MUST SPEAK SPANISH! This terrified woman is tortured by Norman until her son finally tells them where the money is... [OLD WOMAN] Female, 60’s, Caucasian. Rag-tag looking. [CORRECTION OFFICER] Female, 30’s-50’s, Any Ethnicity. Tough lady. [LENNY] Male, A pretty boy model in his 20’s, Any Ethnicity. [ALBERTO] Male, 28, Latino (Cuban). A lowly thug, he takes a bullet to the face

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