'Top Flight Security' Web Series Open Casting Call

'Top Flight Security' Web Series Open Casting Call in Los Angeles

Logline: Two security guards sit and discuss current topics in mainstream and underground media with a focus on race, American culture, and inequality. With no tolerance for political correctness, these characters pull no punches as we follow there stream of consciousness thoughts in a “barbershop style” setting on everything from the Republican party to text emojis. Synopsis: Weekly web series based around the "barbershop conversations” that are had across the country every week focused on culture, entertainment, and race. With an intellectual bend, comedic flair, and a straight-shooter mentality, we sit with our characters Donovan and Smiley every week as they discuss any and every topic that sprouts in their mind from why Kanye only storms white award shows to why it has taken Apple so long to make black emojis. In these short two to five minute episodes we are able to hear point of views based around current topics in mainstream and underground American media. Donovan jumps on topics quickly calling out bullshit and constantly playing the provocateur while Smiley tries to balance his aggression with thought out reasons for why things are how they are. In the end, we witness an honest, intellectual, and comedic discussion based around real-time topics dominating the American media landscape from an African-American perspective. SUMMARY OF ROLES Ofc. Donovan, Male, 25-35, African American Role Description: Deep thoughts and provocative statements is what comes to mind when you hear Donovan speak; a college dropout of African-American studies who even though he didn’t finish college, never stopped reading the books in his syllabus; has a disdain for “the system” in a intellectual way that is less about protesting and more about boycotting; asks the questions that are hard to answer without exposing what he calls a “corrupt and imperfect system"; he’s a classic Jay-Z fan as well as Childish Gambino but has an affinity for older black celebrities like Harry Belafonte, McCoy Tyner, and Sammy Davis Jr.; he’s married and has worked security for seven years. Ofc. SmileyMale, 25-35, African American Role Description: slightly younger than Donovan by a few years; more of a listener and takes in the points that Donovan makes; not as rigid in his beliefs as Donovan, he is a bit more lenient and accepting of societal issues; more aware of technology, apps, and youth culture in general; high-school graduate; he’s worked security for four years and is single; plays devil’s advocate to Donovan’s strong statements from time to time; doesn’t care as much as Donovan about societal issues but isn’t oblivious to what’s going on in culture and media today.

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