'That's It' Student Film Open Casting Call in Los Angeles

'That's It' Student Film Open Casting Call in Los Angeles, California.

Synopsis Charles is a man in control of his world. He is the token employee at his company and envied by those around him. When a promotion comes up at work he should be the obvious decision for the position, however upon retuning to his cubicle after hearing the news that he’s not the only one in the running for the job, he’s confronted by his Life (embodied and a woman) who tells him that she’s not going to let him get the job. Through a prank-ridden and slapstick series of events, Charles and Life dual for control.   Charles, Male, Age 27-37 Charles is a man in control of his world. He doesn’t have to work hard to be the best and has had little opposition in doing so. When Life shows up to keep him from his next goal though he has to fight to keep his natural decorum, not to mention his sanity.   Life, Female, Age 27-37 Life has only just descended to earth to confront Charles and keep him from the promotion. She is a frank yet carefree soul and full of plenty of cosmic acts to keep him from getting the job. Though she has fun messing with his life, she really is trying to help him and believes that keeping him from this new job will lead to him having a happy life.   Paul, Male, Age 25-35 (younger than Charles) Paul loves his job, loves the work and loves the friends he thinks he has. He is in the running against Charles for the promotion because he came up with a plan that would help the company succeed, because he loves the company. Some would say that Paul is a geek or office nerd but he would say that he’s just got lots of friends.   Mr. Jackson, Male, Age 50s Mr. Jackson is the suave business-type man who you would see running for president. He wants to see Charles get the promotion over Paul so he’s willing to let the rules slide a little bit. When Jackson’s Life comes after him as well, he fights back, not willing to give in to “destiny” or “fate” but determined to make his own way. To apply send your resume to: [email protected]

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

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