Casting CallsTCC Project Commercial Casting Call (Pay is $300/Day)

TCC Project Commercial Casting Call (Pay is $300/Day)


Exciting opportunity for aspiring actors: TCC project commercial casting call.

Calling all aspiring actors and individuals interested in breaking into the entertainment industry! An incredible opportunity awaits you. The TCC Project is seeking extras to be part of their upcoming commercial. Whether you’ve always dreamt of being on camera or love experiencing the thrill of a film set, this casting call is your chance to shine.

The TCC Project has already completed the casting process for speaking roles, but fear not! They are now looking for talented individuals to fill the extra parts of their commercial. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable on-set experience and potentially pave the way for future acting opportunities.

If you’re wondering about the details, here’s what you need to know. The extras will be required for a half day of shooting, either in the morning or afternoon (the exact schedule to be decided by the client). The filming will take place on June 20 and 21, and participants may be required to work on one or both days (to be determined by the client). Rest assured; every effort will be made to accommodate the availability of the selected talents.

In terms of compensation, the chosen extras will receive a rate of $300 per talent, excluding any fees. Additionally, the usage of the footage will be in perpetuity, ensuring that your involvement in the TCC Project’s commercial will have a lasting impact.

Now, let’s talk about the roles they are seeking to fill. The TCC Project is looking for individuals who can embody two distinct types: teacher and student.

For the teacher types, they are interested in both males and females, regardless of ethnicity, who fall within the age range of 40 to 50. If you’ve ever imagined yourself in the shoes of an inspiring educator, this is your moment to bring that vision to life.

On the other hand, the student types are open to males and females of any ethnicity, ranging in age from 18 to 50. If you happen to have a military uniform, be sure to highlight that in your response to the casting call. It could give you an edge in securing one of the coveted extra roles.

Whether you’ve had previous acting experience or are entirely new to the industry, the TCC Project wants to hear from you. This is a remarkable opportunity to participate in commercial production and gain invaluable exposure. Don’t miss out on the chance to showcase your talent and kickstart your acting career.

So, if you’re ready to step into the spotlight and make your mark in acting, seize this opportunity. Submit your self-tape or response to the casting call, and let your talent shine. The TCC Project eagerly awaits your submission, so don’t hesitate to take the first step toward fulfilling your acting dreams.

Please note that the information provided here is accurate as of the time of writing. It is recommended to visit the official TCC Project website or contact them directly for any updates or additional details regarding the casting call.

How to apply?

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TCC Project Commercial Casting Call


We are still taking self-tapes for the speaking roles for this project.  AND we are now looking for extras as follows:

Half Day per talent – AM or PM (To be decided by client)

Dates:  June 20 and 21 (talent may work 1 or both days TBD by client)

Rate:  $300 per talent less any fees

Usage:  In perpetuity 

Here is what we seek:

  • Teacher types:   Males and females, any ethnicity, between 40 and 50
  • Student types:  Males and females, any ethnicity, between 18 and 50 – and if anyone has a military uniform, please note that in your response!

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