Taraji P. Henson's 'What Men Want' Atlanta Extras Casting Call for Staffers

Taraji P. Henson‘s What Men Want is now casting guys with suits in Atlanta, Georgia.

Casting directors are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on scenes filming on Friday, May 25th in Atlanta, Georgia.

Producers are seeking the following types:

  • (5) Young MEN/Women WITH SUITS Subject Line: CM STAFFER 5/25 Subject Line: CF Staffer 5/25 Date: FRIDAY 5/25

About What Men Want:

What Men Want remake of 2000 Mel Gibson movie What Women Want is coming soon. The 2000 film, What Women Want, centered around Mel Gibson as an advertising executive who is suddenly granted the ability read women’s minds and then uses that to sell them things and seduce them. And then in the process, he finds out that women are people who should be respected!

Now a new movie inspired by the same premise is on the way to theaters with the genders flipped. According to Deadline, the forthcoming What Men Want will star Taraji P. Henson who plays “a female sports agent who has constantly been boxed out by her male colleagues.” She then uses her ability to hear men’s thoughts to her advantage at work.

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What Men Want Casting Call

STAFFER! This scene works Friday 5/25/18 What Men Want. RATE $75/8 CAUCASIAN MEN AND WOMEN (5) Young MEN/Women WITH SUITS Subject Line: CM STAFFER 5/25 Subject Line: CF Staffer 5/25 Date: FRIDAY 5/25 CM =Caucasian Male CF= Caucasian Female YOU MUST BE A FRESH FACE!!! Or YOUNG RETURNING AGENT. (Caucasian) NEED ONLY (7) no visible tattoos, no earrings gauges, no long hair, no full beards. RATE $75/8 Subject Line: CM STAFFER 5/25 Subject Line: CF Staffer 5/25 Age: 20-40 years old Seeking only 7 CAUCASIAN MALES with at least (3) suits and ties and dress shoes. FRESH FACE OR RETURNING AGENT/STAFF (CAUCASIAN AGE 20-40 only) YOU MUST HAVE (3) SUITS, TIES, dress shirts, suit jackets and dress shoes! Date: FRIDAY 5/25 Rate: $75/8 Call time: possibly 6:30AM Location: Atlantic Station (Atlanta Ga Area) YOU MUST BE A FRESH FACE!!! You must have business attire... Age: 20-40 YOU MUST HAVE SUITS AND CORPORATE APPROVED SHOES NO SNEAKERS (7) CAUCASIAN/MALES and FEMALES business suits/ties and dressy button downs. AND CORPORATE APPROVED SHOES (NO SNEAKERS) Send (3) recent photos Name Age Number Ht Wt Distance to Downtown Atlanta Ga CM=CAUCASIAN M=MALE CF= Caucasian Female Email: [email protected] Subject Line: CM STAFFER 5/25 CM =Caucasian Male CF= Caucasian Female Age: 20-40 only (YOUTHFUL LOOK) Thanks A Million

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