Talent Search for North American Actors

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Calling all north american actors living in Ireland: an exciting opportunity awaits in Ireland.

Attention, North American actors living in the beautiful land of Ireland! We have thrilling news to ignite your passion for the arts and elevate your acting career. A remarkable film shoot is set to take place in and around Dublin during July and August, and they are seeking talented individuals like you to join their production. Whether you're a seasoned actor or someone with a burning desire to explore the acting world, this casting call presents an extraordinary chance to showcase your skills and make a mark in the industry. Read on to find out more about this incredible opportunity!

The casting call is specifically targeting actors of all genders who are North Americans currently residing in Ireland. This unique requirement seeks to assemble a diverse cast, bringing together North America's cultural richness and artistic talents with the vibrant backdrop of Ireland's captivating landscapes. The production team recognizes the potential of this amalgamation, fostering an environment that celebrates the intersection of these two incredible identities.

Actors must meet two essential criteria to be eligible for this casting call. Firstly, individuals must be over 18 years old, ensuring a mature and professional approach to the filming process. Secondly, actors must have the right to work in Ireland, ensuring legal compliance and a seamless production experience. These criteria ensure that the selected artists are passionate, skilled, and capable of committing to the film shoot during the designated period.

The film shoot is scheduled for July and August, promising a summertime adventure in the heart of Dublin and its surroundings. The chosen actors will have the opportunity to be a part of a remarkable cinematic journey, collaborating with a dedicated team of industry professionals, including directors, producers, and fellow actors. Whether you're a seasoned actor with a wealth of experience or someone new to the craft, this project welcomes all levels of expertise, making it an inclusive and welcoming space for artistic growth.

While acting experience is considered a valuable asset, it is essential to note that this casting call welcomes individuals from all backgrounds, regardless of their level of experience. Whether you have honed your skills through years of practice or have recently discovered your passion for acting, this opportunity is open to anyone who is dedicated, enthusiastic, and ready to embark on an exciting artistic journey.

For North American actors living in Ireland, this casting call represents an extraordinary opportunity to showcase your talent, collaborate with industry professionals, and make a lasting impact on the world of cinema. Whether you possess years of acting experience or are just beginning to explore your potential, this film shoot promises an inclusive and supportive environment where creativity flourishes. Take your chance to be a part of this captivating project, set against the backdrop of Dublin's enchanting locales. Apply today and let your talent shine on the silver screen!

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Talent Search for North American Actors



We are looking for North American actors living in Ireland for an exciting film shoot in and around Dublin.

  • Artists must be over 18 old.
  • Artists must have the right work in Ireland.
  • This will take place in July and August
  • Acting experience is a plus, but optional.

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