Sports Commercial Acting Auditions for Speaking Roles in North Carolina

Sports commercial casting call in Charlotte, North Carolina

Kimmie Stewart Casting is currently seeking talent for specific roles in the upcoming commercial. Casting directors are seeking to cast a wide range of roles ranging from teenagrs to athletes.
All of these roles are speaking roles. For more details see the casting call below:
UPWARD SPORTS AD CAMPAIGN: I will be emailing sides out starting today until Wednesday. If you are selected you will need to submit taped audition to me by Saturday, March 1.
Below are the specific speaking roles I am looking to fill. When you email me please make the subject line the name of the character for which you are submitting. This will be shot in mid March in Charlotte, NC. Pay for the teens is $250 a day. Pay for the athlete is negotiable."NEWS ANCHORS"- Teenagers 13-17 - any ethnicity. Must be peppy, able to communicate clearly the message of each piece with sincerity, must be a good 'straight faced' person to the craziness around them and like to have a lot of fun. Must be able to take the performance to the brink of overacting. "INTERVIEWEES"- Teenagers 13 - 17 - any ethnicity. Must be able to be crazy and free of all inhibitions. Above all must be able to do many accents and many crazy characters often with a straight face. "ZACH"-  20's - 30's - African American Male. Football star who is coming back to his old school. As a Christian athlete he is sincere in his faith and sets out to be a role model for the kids which ultimately leadis to the message of the story. Needs to be an ex-pro/college football player. "BELLA" - 13-17 - any ethnicity. Spunky tomboy type who is very outgoing and a leader. She is a little skeptical of whether she will really meet the pro-athlete but appreciates and engages with the message. "TRENT" - 13 -17 - any ethnicity. Also very athletic but a bit of a dim bulb. He comes off as goofy and considerably clueless. "VINCE" - 13 - 17 - African American male. Zach's younger cousin who also plays football. A bit cocky and brash, he is very outgoing and excited to ride the coattails of his cousin. Over the course of the story, the message that Zach tries to get across has a large impact on him. *Please email me a CURRENT headshot along with your resume to [email protected]
photo credit: thebassoonist12 via photopin cc