"Somewhere in Dreamland" Casting Call for Featured Roles

Join the chilling cast of "Somewhere in Dreamland" - now casting featured roles in Savannah, GA.

Calling all aspiring actors and horror enthusiasts! An exciting opportunity awaits you in the hauntingly beautiful city of Savannah, GA, and its nearby gem, Sylvania, GA. The casting team of the spine-tingling film "Somewhere in Dreamland" is on the lookout for talented individuals to fill a range of captivating roles. If you've ever dreamed of being part of a horror movie, now is your chance to shine! Read on to discover the featured roles up for grabs.

Mascot - Embody the Spirit of the Game:

The production team is seeking an individual of open ethnicity and gender with an average build between 5'5" and 5'9". Are you comfortable slipping into a mascot suit for a high school football game scene? This thrilling opportunity awaits you! The shoot is scheduled for June 9, with a possible fitting date on June 8 and a fitting bump of $25. Your dedication will be rewarded with a rate of $250 for a 12-hour shoot.

Real Estate Agent - Unleash Your Professional Aura:

Open to individuals of any gender and ethnicity, aged between 30 and 50, this role requires you to showcase your expertise and charisma as a real estate agent. Set for June 14, this shoot presents a chance to bring this character to life. You will be compensated $150 for a 12-hour day for your outstanding performance.

Movers - Lend Your Strength and Presence:

If you're a male actor between 20 and 40, this is your opportunity to shine as a mover in "Somewhere in Dreamland." Open to actors of all ethnicities, this role requires physicality and presence. Join the production on June 14 and make your mark. This role's rate is $150 for a 12-hour shoot.

Lifeguard - Dive into the Depths of Fear:

Are you an athletic individual with a strong presence? Open to all genders and ethnicities, the casting team is searching for a lifeguard between 18 and 35. Showcasing your vigilance and strength, you'll add more suspense to the film. The shoot is scheduled for June 21, and you'll be compensated with a rate of $150 for a 12-hour day.

Two Kids and Two Parents - A Family Affair:

Calling all families who love adventure! This role seeks two kids aged 9-12 and their accompanying parents, regardless of ethnicity or gender. Swimming skills are a must for this shoot, happening on June 21. Embrace the opportunity to create unforgettable memories together on the set of "Somewhere in Dreamland." Each family member will receive a rate of $150 for a 12-hour shoot.

Connor's Grandpa - Embrace Eccentricity:

A white male with a large or protruding stomach is sought for this role. You'll be portraying Connor's drunk grandpa, who is seen sleeping in his underwear and shirtless. This unique and eccentric character will bring depth to the film. The shoot is scheduled for June 23, and you'll receive a rate of $175 for a 12-hour day.

If you're a talented actor ready to embrace the darkness, "Somewhere in Dreamland" offers an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in horror cinema. Whether you don a mascot suit, embody a real estate agent, lend strength as a mover, or portray other intriguing characters, this film promises to be an unforgettable experience. Take your chance to be a part of something truly chilling. Submit your application today and unlock the door to "Somewhere in Dreamland."

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"Somewhere in Dreamland" Casting Call for Featured Roles


Savannah, GA + Sylvania, GA (one hour east of Savannah) 

"Somewhere in Dreamland"

Seeking the following:


  • Open Ethnicity. Open Gender. Average build. Between 5’5” and 5’9”.  
  • Will must be comfortable wearing a mascot suit for a HS football game scene. 
  • Shoot date: 6/9
  • Possible fitting date: 6/8 (Fitting bump $25)
  • Rate: $250/12


  • Open Gender- Open Ethnicity. Ages 30-50. 
  • Shoot date: 6/14
  • Rate: $150/12


  • Open ethnicity, male. Ages 20-40
  • Shoot date: 6/14
  • Rate: $150/12 


  • Open ethnicity. Open gender. Athletic build. Ages 18-35
  • Rate: $150/12
  • Shoot Date: 6/21


  • Open ethnicity. Open gender. Kids should be ages 9-12. 
  • MUST be able to swim. 
  • Rate: $150/12 per family member 
  • Shoot Date: 6/21


  • White male. Large/protruding stomach proffered.
  • Drunk Grandpa seen snoozing in his underwear shirtless. 
  • Rate: $175/12
  • Shoot Date: 6/23

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