Could You Be a Serial Killer? "Dexter" is Now Casting Various Roles

[Los Angeles>If you would like to be part of the TV Series Dexter please leave a comment below and let us know why you should be considered for a role. For Exclusive Casting Information Click Here! Dexter is an American television drama series that first debuted on Showtime on October 1, 2006. The series follows Dexter Morgan, played by Michael C. hall, a blood spatter analyst for the fictional Miami Metro Police Department who is an undercover serial killer. Set in Miami, the show's first season was largely based on the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, the first of his Dexter series novels. Subsequent seasons have changed independent of Lindsay's works, and was adpated for television by screen writer James Manos, Jr., who wrote the fist episode. Even though individual seasons have varied in critical reception, but the show has been mostly positive. On December 14, 2006, Michael C. Hall was nominated for a Golden Globe Award in the category Best Actor in a Television Drama Series for playing dexter and was again renominated in 2010 and later won the award Dexter has been recently renewed for another two seasons, and Season 8 will be the show's last season, and that they know how the show is going to end. Dexter features such actors as Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Desmond Harrington, C.S Lee, and Lauren Velez. This will be the last season for the hit TV series Dexter. So, if your interested do not hesitate to take advantage of this great opportunity. Submit your photos and resume by mail only. DO NOT PHONE CALL OR DO PERSONAL DROP OFFS. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! Principal Actor Casting Information Aquila/Wood Casting 1680 Vine St Ste 806 Los Angeles, C 90028 USA   Break a Leg Principal Casting Information Shawn Dawson, Ulrich/Dawson/Kritzer, 4705 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Ste. 301, Valley Village, CA 91607. image:License Some rights reserved by Chesi - Fotos CC