Casting Calls'Sesame Street' Open Casting Call for Voice Actors

‘Sesame Street’ Open Casting Call for Voice Actors


Are you passionate about infusing life into animated characters with your voice ? Then, here's an exceptional opportunity that demands your attention! Sesame Street, the iconic children's show, is on a talent hunt, broadcasting a casting call for . In this comprehensive article, we are going to dive into the entire casting call job description, outlining job details, responsibilities, requirements, and .

Key Takeaways:

– A unique casting call from Sesame Street for voice actors.
– A distinctive platform to demonstrate your voice talent.
– Competitive compensation and great exposure in the .

Job Details:

The Sesame Street casting call is directed towards voice actors keen on throwing their voice to the fabulous characters of a universally adored kids' . The successful applicants will be entrusted to add a fresh lease of life to these cherished characters while maintaining their core charm.

At its core, the job entails meticulous understanding and interpretation of scripts, delivering lines with great emotion, and bringing these animated characters to life. As a voice for Sesame Street, you will work closely with directors and other cast members to ensure harmonious delivery of dialogues in line with the overall show's context and theme.

Job Responsibilities:

  • To interpret and understand the script effectively and develop meaningful character voices.
  • Ensure to deliver every line with proper emotion and expression to bring about the desired impact.
  • Voice synchronization with the animated character and actions, delivering lines in sync with the storyline.
  • Work collaboratively with directors and other team members to rehearse lines and achieve a seamless performance.
  • Attend all recording sessions and adhere strictly to project timelines.

Job Requirements:

Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • Proven previous experience as a , having worked on animation and other related projects.
  • Good command over language, diction, and voice modulation.
  • Ability to bring about different character voices and accent in a realistic manner.
  • Strong interpretative skills to understand scripts and develop character voices strategically.
  • Flexible and willing to accept and implement constructive criticism.
  • Strong professionalism and work ethics.

Voice actors interested in applying should be ready to provide demos showcasing their range and versatility in voice acting.


Sesame Street offers competitive compensation, aligned with industry standards. The compensation details will be discussed during the final interview stages.

Moreover, considering the reputation and reach of the Sesame Street brand, this opportunity provides invaluable exposure in the industry – a massive bonus for budding voice talents.

Joining the ranks of numerous esteemed voice actors to have worked with Sesame Street could be the catalyst your career has been waiting for. So, if you your voice talent deserves the platform offered by Sesame Street, the casting call is now open.

Taking the plunge might be all that it takes to kickstart or turbocharge your professional journey in the entertainment industry. The ball is in your court. Embrace the opportunity, and you might end up enthralling and inspiring the next generation, just like Sesame Street has been doing for over five decades.

This casting call covers all the major considerations every ambitious voice actor would have before joining a project. Applying for this job could well be the starting point for a memorable stint with a globally recognised kids' TV show, offering professional fulfillment, industry-standard remuneration, and an opportunity to be etched in the memories of millions of young the world over.

Apply now!

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